“We Application Engineers are the technical champions for our customers.”

Glimpse into an exciting field of work

What do Application Engineers at Infineon do?

“Which part do I need?” This is a common question customers pose when they’re looking for a solution from Infineon. Quite simply, they need to know which product in our compelling portfolio would be the best fit. As point of contact in technical consulting, Application Engineers help customers find the most suitable solutions for their projects. But that’s not all – they also offer demoboards, get the necessary documentation together and provide support with the design process.


From hands-on tasks like soldering to customer consulting – a job with many facets

The range of tasks covers everything – from hands on activities like developing, manufacturing and testing of complex application boards with high-end equipment all the way to providing documentation and customer consulting. Whether you’re just starting your career or you already have experience under your belt, the job is an excellent opportunity to develop your know-how. It’s a job you can grow with.

Andreas Dorfner Application Engineer in Power & Multimarket at Infineon in Munich

What are your tasks as an Application Engineer?

I myself take care of project management and system development for radar transceivers in automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Primarily I coordinate the design of demoboards for customers – for solutions that keep robots from colliding into obstacles in a factory setting, for example, or for creating an advanced human-machine interface (HMI) for connected devices like smart speakers. Another topic we’ve been addressing more and more here at Infineon is smart homes, such as presence detection to turn lights on or off when someone enters a room. But whatever the end solution may be, the job of an Application Engineer is to work closely with the customer to select the right ICs from our portfolio to help them realize their visions. We are technical champions for our customers because we have the know-how to advise them on the best solution.

What are the challenges in your job? How do you deal with them?

Coming up with solutions for our customers requires that we coordinate with a large number of internal functions. We work with R&D in regard to requirements engineering; with Marketing and Sales to develop go-to-market strategies and to prepare online documentation for our chips; we do Partner Management with external design companies  and we give trainings to our local Application Engineers who are located near the big customers. The list could go on and on... It can be challenging to juggle all these tasks and to get everybody informed. So it helps to have a good feeling for prioritization and the ability to delegate. And you have to have a good flow of information and communications.

Another challenge is adjusting to the pace at which our markets and our customers’ requirements evolve. In automotive, the cycles are a bit longer - at around three years. In the consumer goods sector the pace is much faster. Just consider how quickly mobile phones are brought to the market. So you have to adapt quickly, which is where an agile working style helps.

What are the highlights in your job?

For all the challenges it poses, the dynamic environment is something I love. I have the possibility to make a difference with our innovative system solutions. It’s exciting to see how a traditional technology like radar can be taken out into completely new application areas to drive expanding markets. I also value the international setting and the variety of projects. A further highlight is the many facets of a career as an Application Engineer. The function can evolve according to your know-how and focus. You could start, for example, with more internal tasks like prototyping and documentation. Along the way you could come into more and more contact with customers at fairs and eventually develop consulting skills. Or you become a technical expert in your field and grow in this direction. As I pointed out earlier, we have extensive contact with other functions, like R&D and Marketing, so switching into one of these areas down the road is also quite conceivable.

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Requirements at a glance


You are an open and communicative person. The task at hand offers a lot of room for professional and personal development.

Details and big picture

You look at the big picture when it comes to technical discussions with customers or internal colleagues.

Work environment

You are flexible, able to work agilely and prioritize your tasks according to the dynamics of the market.

Requirements at a glance


As an Application Engineer, you love technology and working on new products with customers. In many cases, you are even a step further than customers, aiming to deliver solutions to problems they haven’t even started thinking about. Sometimes it’s a balancing act to meet customer wishes while keeping technological feasibility and price restrictions in mind. Essential skills include the ability to prioritize and delegate. You don’t shy away from challenges and are ready to take on the high requirements the job presents.

We are looking for:

  • Customer orientation: When working with a customer on a product, the Application Engineer has to be able to anticipate customer wishes
  • Prioritization and structure: Customer demands and requirements can change quickly and they have to be prioritized
  • Communication: You need to be able to communicate efficiently with internal and external partners on a number of topics and across cultures
  • Creativity: Developing specific ideas with customers for varying use cases requires inventiveness

What makes this a dream job?

A love of technology and the desire to be part of state-of-the-art developments are essential prerequisites for a profession as an Application Engineer. There is always something to learn, but the effort is well worth it because you get a chance to move things and have an impact. The matrix structure at Infineon offers flat hierarchies. As an Application Engineer, that gives you exposure to a number of departments and customers and is a great way to become familiar with many facets of the business. Depending on your strengths, you have the possibility for further development on the Technical Ladder as a technical expert, in project management or on the general management career path.

Infineon is definitely unique in its open culture, and in many ways a true hidden champion. Infineon stands for innovation. The products Application Engineers incorporate into customer solutions are essential to securing the company’s future.

Locations for Application Engineers


In our headquarters in Neubiberg near Munich, more than 4.500 employees are working in research & development, several central functions, IT and many more. 

What we offer you at Campeon


In Warstein we like it sustainable, healthy, balanced, sportive and diverse.

What we offer you in Warstein


Almost 4.600 people work at five different sites in Austria.

What we offer you in Villach


Almost 4.600 people work at five different sites in Austria.

What we offer you in Villach


Almost 4.600 people work at five different sites in Austria.

What we offer you in Villach

Where do you want to work?

Infineon has various sites all over the world. Find out where you can work, what we offer, and how you can approach us at each location.

Open positions as Application Engineer

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Radar transceivers

Radar transceivers are a cruicial part, when it comes to robotics. As both a leading supplier of robotic components and an advanced user of robots in our own fabs, we at Infineon have carved out a unique position on the market.

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Human-machine interface (HMI)

We have long got used to interaction between human and machine: A smartphone user asks the digital assistant what the weather’s going to be like and it replies. At home, the human voice controls smart thermostats or commands the intelligent speaker to play “Summer of ‘69” and there is much more. Andreas shapes part of that field with his work.

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