Job Descriptions

From Application Engineer to Quality Manager: We have a lot of technical jobs on offer. Read on to find out which jobs are available and which skills you need.

Contributing to a greener future in Warstein
Contributing to a greener future in Warstein
“As Product Engineer I ensure a smooth yield ramp and good product quality. After my parental leave, I have been promoted to Senior Staff Engineer – in part-time!“ Martina Da Rold, Senior Staff Engineer PMM, Munich
“The ENGINE program is about shaping our Asian leaders for the global markets. After a 2-year campus program, I am now able to further encourage my functional team to strive for change and results.” Tan Ban Heng, Head of Center of Competence, Test Engineering, Kulim
“I really appreciate the STEPS program to which I am highly committed, since I can get constructive feedback on my work, great recognition for my achievements and a continuous development plan for my career.” Du Weifeng, Process Engineer, Wuxi
"When I first joined Infineon as an Operator in Villach, little did I know that I would work for two years in Malaysia and end up as a Head of Department in Austria. My potential was recognized and consistently fostered." Bernd Steiner, Head of Operational Planning & Controlling, Villach, Austria

Leading technology is a key success factor for Infineon and enables us to continue securing our global leadership as a semiconductor manufacturer. R&D plays an important role: It enables us to open up new growth potential and secure our competitive position. Click here to learn more

We manufacture components that enable us to distinguish ourselves from the competition. This is true for example for our power semiconductors and all of the products that combine analog and digital switch components on one chip, aka analog and mixed signal switches. Our production happens in both front-end and back-end sites in Europe, North America and Asia.

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We want our customers to be happy. That's why more than 1,600 sales & marketing employees around the world look after our customers - globally as well as locally. Click here to learn more 

Our IT team supports more than 33,000 users across the globe with innovative IT solutions. Whether their strength lies in the bits and bytes, an analytical mindset or project organization – for our IT staff, Teamwork comes with a capital T. Click here to learn more 

From A as in Accounting, to C as in Controlling and Taxes through to S as in Strategy Development, the central functions cover all of the areas that are key to running a business: They are the backbone of Infineon. Click here to find out which departments these are and what they do. 

Our Divisions

Our products make life easier, safer and greener – with technology that achieves more, consumes less and is accessible to everyone. 

Driving the Future of Automotive Electronics

We are one of the few semiconductor manufacturers for automotive applications that covers the most important applications in vehicles. With a broad product portfolio of microcontrollers, intelligent sensors, transmit and receive ICs for radio-frequency applications and radar as well as both discrete and integrated power semiconductors: powertrain, chassis and comfort electronics as well as driving safety applications. Coupled with a high-level of quality, this comprehensive range of products has made us a preferred partner for our customers for over 40 years.

Our development strategy focuses on the integration of functionality and thus on semiconductor solutions with an excellent price-performance ratio. Thereby our technologies are contributing to a greener future by reducing fuel consumption, emissions and costs. And that’s not all – we are also helping to improve safety and performance.

High Power Semiconductors for Industrial Applications

Industrial Power Control products are crucial for generating and transmitting electric power efficient and with virtually no losses – as well as for reducing energy consumption. Our leading market position is based on technological leadership and on being an innovative, reliable partner for our customers.

Power semiconductors are often the determining factor, not only in terms of function, but also when it comes to the efficiency, size, weight and cost of our customers’ products and systems. Our many years of industrial experience and innovative strength help us develop the right components for the relevant applications.

We shape Power Management – we live Energy Efficiency

The number of electronic devices we use in our everyday lives is constantly growing. The significance of the power supply for these devices is not always obvious, yet it is crucial for their reliability, power consumption and size.

Efficiency, powerful batteries and chargers, and high effectiveness: These customer requirements place new demands on the efficiency and size of our power supply solutions. The power density thus becomes a decisive factor. Our concepts for “Digital Power Management” – the transition from analog to digital control of the power supply – address this trend directly. With technology that achieves more, consumes less and is accessible to everyone.

Over 15 years of world-leading security expertise for increasingly demanding security requirements

Digital communication calls for robust protection against the misuse of personal data – whether it be stored on an electronic passport or transmitted over the Internet. Based on its core competences in the fields of security, contactless communication and integrated microcontroller solutions (embedded control), Infineon offers an extensive portfolio of semiconductor-based security products for many chip card and security applications.

With this expertise, Infineon is helping to increase security in an increasingly networked world, for example for mobile payment, for system security and secure electronic ID documents.