Infineon Stories: What Sets Infineon Apart?

The status quo is meant to be tested. When you think differently, you gain an innovative edge. But when you follow the herd, you get lost in the status quo - leaving you with dampened creativity. Coincidentally, you’ll find that creativity and imagination are essential to the out-of-the-box solutions we roll out at Infineon.

This is a game-changer for many of our engineers. Alongside an appreciation for our focus on growth for new grads and delivering solutions that alter daily life, Infineon engineers revel in their role’s dependence on a rich imagination. Find out for yourself with the employee testimonials below, and visit our Careers page for more information about our open opportunities.

A Magnet for New Grads

For our recent graduates, growth is central. We recognize that you’re likely at square one of your career and hungry to progress - and we’d love to help you make those strides. One of the main ways we accomplish this is through our coaching initiatives, reskilling programs, and broader career development trajectories. For Rachel, an Infineon product engineer, this encouragement to learn and grow is what sets Infineon apart from the rest:

Rachel Miller, Product Engineer: “Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. As a new graduate, it has been an amazing first-job experience to be able to be in an environment that continues to promote learning and growth.”

Creative Solutions, Practical Implementation

We don’t just brainstorm out-of-the-box ideas - we make them a reality. Whether you’re an applications engineer, a design or product engineer, or on one of our R&D teams, your work will call for a healthy balance of imaginative thinking and practical application. This has been the core selling point for Carter, a facilities specialist, who appreciates the openness of his Infineon colleagues when sharing ideas and solutions:

Carter Bailey, Facilities Engineer: “At Infineon, I have learned that complex and challenging problems often require creative and innovative solutions. With the wide variety of engineering challenges presented with each project, Infineon has allowed space for creative solutions to not only be considered but often implemented into the solution. This fosters an environment where conversations are open, ideas are shared, and progress is made.”

Projects & Solutions That Matter

Go behind the scenes of the tech that enables modern living. From providing microchips for autonomous EVs to raising the standards for smart home connectivity, your solutions will improve the lives of many. And like Dorothy pulling back that Emerald City curtain, you’ll see how it’s all done firsthand. This is the highlight for Aleia, an Infineon yield engineer, who believes that Infineon differentiates itself by improving devices that we all use on a daily basis:

Aleia Houle, Yield Engineer: “You get, or at least I do, a sense of awe when you start to learn how the wafers are made and what they later get turned into. It starts out as sand, and after a few slightly complicated steps later you end up with something like a smartphone, and you’ve played a role in the making of a device everyone uses and relies on.”

Set Yourself Apart with Infineon!

Maybe you’re a new grad with a long trajectory ahead of you, or a seasoned engineer who needs to flex your creative muscles. Or, you could just be searching for a role that provides true purpose.