Exploring Infineon Work Culture: Coaching & Professional Development

04.07.2022 I Sean Foley, Head of People and Organizational Effectiveness, Infineon Americas

Blaze Your Professional Pathway

We set you up for success. Throughout your journey, we’ll enable and empower your continuous learning and development with programs and opportunities designed for growth—so you can achieve your goals and stay one-step ahead of change. 

We want you to stick around, which is why we’ve shaped the Infineon work culture around opportunities to grow as an individual and professional.  

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Culture Snapshot

In our opinion, work culture isn’t defined by beanbag chairs and foosball tables - it’s shaped by a combination of collaboration, inclusion, and a central focus on the health and well-being of our employees. 

People thrive when they’re healthy and happy. At Infineon, our human-centered approach includes programs and resources that provide the support and inspiration you need to be the best version of you:

Visit our website for a full understanding of the priorities within the Infineon work culture.

Infineon Work Culture: Prioritizing Your Growth

We believe that coaching and reskilling our talented employees is a fastrack to personal fulfillment, high performance, and a genuine sense of professional growth. For these reasons, we developed a set of offerings geared towards shaping and specializing both soft and hard skills. Infineon work culture is centered around personal and professional development, reflected by our extensive list of coaching and reskilling initiatives:

Upskilling & Reskilling Initiatives

Add new skills to your repertoire, or pick up another skill set before starting a different position. Maybe you’re exploring  potential specializations, or already have your eyes set on your next career step. Either way, we can teach you the necessary skills to learn and grow. You decide your path, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Mentorship Programs

We won’t just put you to work - we’ll guide your professional trajectory. Connect with knowledgeable mentors and explore the wealth of possibilities within your career path. 

Tuition Reimbursement

Our people are our greatest investment. To  show this, we pay for their diplomas - and we’ll do the same for you. We’ll pay off a predetermined amount of your college tuition expenses and check that box off of your to-do list.

Paid Educational Courses

The learning never ends - but at least with us, you get paid while you do it. Enroll in company courses to learn new skills, build your niche, and prepare for your next step with Infineon. 

Leadership Training

Bolster soft and hard leadership skills in preparation for a leading role at Infineon. We recognize that many of our employees are the leaders of tomorrow, and offer the guidance to nurture your true potential. 

Global Opportunities 

We’re a tech company with a global presence. From Bangkok to Barcelona and select cities in the U.S., we’ll get you where you’re dying to go. Expand your professional and personal horizons with Infineon’s international opportunities.


Nurture Your True Potential

Join the Infineon team to discover your professional pathway, bolster your skills, and unleash your inner leader.