Infineon Work Culture: Prioritizing Your Well-Being

20.08.2022 I Chris Arnold, Technical Marketing Specialist, Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Meet the demands of everyday life and thrive at work. Yes, it’s possible! We know that workplace flexibility is critical in supporting a more balanced life. At Infineon, we support you with processes and tools created to facilitate collaboration and offer flexible options for when, where – and how – the work gets done! 

In short, Infineon work culture revolves around the health and happiness of our employees. We’re deeply involved in the well-being of our staff members and go the extra mile to ensure they’re operating within a healthy working environment. 

Discover exactly how Infineon puts your well-being first by visiting our Careers page.

Committed to Your Well-Being

In the spirit of putting your health and happiness first, the Infineon work culture is built on a foundation of programs and offerings to support your overall health. When you’re healthy, you’re happy, and when you’re happy, you’re motivated. Whether you require more schedule flexibility to tend to your family, a health check-up for ease-of-mind, or social counseling to build comfortability, Infineon has you covered:

Work Life Flexibility & Programs

Just about all of the engineers at Infineon are free to make their own schedules, whether they want to work from home, opt for flextime hours, or go part-time to free up space for other obligations or desires. We also offer onsite childcare to cater to working parents, making the parenting life a bit easier. Visit our blog on how Infineon work culture nurtures a work-life balance for more details on our alternate schedules and flexible work options.

Comprehensive Health Benefits

As an employee and member of our Health Management plans, you’ll be supported by a variety of health-oriented initiatives to help you optimize your health. Gain access to company doctors when your health is in question, receive social counseling when you need a shoulder to lean on, and receive periodic health checks on our behalf. We also offer fitness programs for those with active lifestyles, alongside other approaches to health that help you create and achieve a more balanced, healthier, and productive well-being.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We don’t just tend to your physical health - the Infineon work culture attaches great significance to your mental state as well. In line with our focus on mental health, we launched global mindfulness sessions for our employees in every corner of the world and even designated several local and regional mental health activities for staff members to leverage. 

A Family -First Organization

It’s tough to perform when work and life are out of balance - and for working parents, keeping it all aligned can seem like an impossible task. Due to this reality, we come prepared with alternate work schedules and childcare support to tend to your personal and professional needs in one fell swoop. Need more time with family? Opt for a part-time schedule. No need to convince us that family comes first - we already agree. 

Incentives & Great Perks

A better path to success. Infineon offers comparable opportunities and benefits to companies like Google, Apple, and Meta, but we’re different—our people-centered team-based culture gives you a place where you can truly thrive.

We’re Advocates for Your Well-Being

Join a team that goes above and beyond to keep you healthy and happy!