The 6 Ways You’ll Thrive at Infineon

24.06.2022 I Fernando Fontanillo-Lopez, Vice President Human Resources, Infineon Americas

We’re Extraordinary Because You Are

When you join Infineon, you become part of a global community that works to make radical change every single day. 

We lift each other up. Our people are the change-makers, coming up with ground-breaking solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. But you cannot excel at work unless you are thriving as the whole person that you are. We foster a culture of balance, trust, collaboration, and shared purpose so that we can face these challenges together. 

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1. A Shared Sense of Purpose

At Infineon, we are more than just engineers and designers. We are changing the world with every piece of technology we create. Our collective work makes life easier, safer, and greener —with technology that achieves more, consumes less, and is accessible to everyone —impacting lives everyday.  When you contribute to a project with Infineon, you make an impact on someone’s life. The work you do with Infineon matters. 

2. Career Growth at Every Turn

We invest in the world’s biggest challenges at 2-3x the rate of other companies. Most of that investment is in YOU. Big thinking requires big risks. We take on the big risks so that you can keep doing the big thinking.

We ensure that our team members grow in their roles - and can evolve beyond those roles into new ones. Therefore, we’ve built out three distinct career paths for our employees to follow to sharpen their technical skills and discover their true specializations: Technical Ladder, Project Management, and a Management Career progression path. 

3. Coaching and Reskilling

At Infineon we set you up for success. Throughout your journey, we’ll enable and empower your continuous learning and development with programs and opportunities designed for growth—so you can achieve your goals and stay one-step ahead of change. 

Upskilling / Reskilling Initiatives

  • Mentorship Programs 
  • Tuition Reimbursement 
  • Paid Educational Courses 
  • Leadership Training 
  • Global Opportunities 
  • More great stuff  

4. Life/Work Balance

Meet the demands of everyday life AND thrive at work. Yes, it’s possible! We know that workplace flexibility is critical in supporting a more balanced life. At Infineon, we support you with processes and tools created to facilitate collaboration and offer flexible options for when, where – and how – the work gets done! We want you to live your best life, wherever that is.

5. Well-being

People thrive when they’re healthy and happy. At Infineon, our human-centered approach includes programs and resources that provide the support and inspiration you need to be the best version of you. Here are a few of our wellness-centric programs: 

  • Work Life Flexibility / Programs 
  • Comprehensive Health Benefits 
  • Mental Health / Well-being 
  • Financial Stability 
  • Family -First
  • Incentives / Great Perks

6. Belonging is Everything

A world where everyone can thrive starts with a workplace where everyone belongs. We believe that when everyone moves forward together, success takes care of itself. This means we have to evolve beyond checking the boxes of diversity and inclusion, and truly create environments, workflows, and cultures where every individual experiences an authentic sense of belonging. At Infineon, we lift each other up, because the only way up is together.

Challenge - Accepted!

Join our shared vision for making the world easier, safer, and greener for all.