The Mobility Talk with Peter Schiefer

Talk with Peter Schiefer

In this episode, join our host, Chris Brow, as he embarks on a captivating car ride through Munich with Infineon's President of the Automotive division, Peter Schiefer.

As the video unfolds, Chris and Peter quickly delve into an intriguing conversation centered around Infineon's active role in shaping the future of mobility. Peter emphasizes the company's commitment to decarbonization and digitalization, underlining the pivotal role semiconductors play in revolutionizing the mobility sector. Our semiconductor solutions are driving the transition towards clean, safe, and smart mobility services across all modes of transport,” he explains.

Throughout the interview, Peter passionately discusses the decarbonization agenda, exploring how a reduction in carbon emissions can help promote a more sustainable future. He also sheds light on the significance of digitalization, which focuses on integrating smart technologies into mobility solutions to enhance safety and efficiency.

The pair dive into the concept of “clean, safe, and smart mobility”, stressing how crucial it is for the future of transportation. Clean mobility is geared towards environmentally friendly solutions; safe mobility focuses on the well-being of passengers and pedestrians; while smart mobility integrates cutting-edge technologies for seamless and intelligent transport systems.
Join Chris and Peter as they navigate through the bustling streets of Munich, exploring Infineon's vision for the future of mobility, where innovative technologies meet sustainability, safety, and efficiency, thus paving the way for a brighter and more interconnected world.

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