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Global population growth, urbanization and climate change are making us rethink mobility. Transportation has to be environmentally friendly and safe, while allowing people to mix and match the most convenient means of transportation at any time.

Together, decarbonization and digitalization will prove to be the best solution to transforming the increasing amount of worldwide traffic and making mobility a contribution to a net zero economy.

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ahead – engaging with the mobility concepts that will shape the future.

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The power of semiconductors

We enable solutions that promote the transformation to clean, safe and smart mobility across all means of transportation, including high-speed trains, autonomous cars and trucks as well as electric light vehicles such as delivery robots, e-bikes and cargo e-bikes. With 40 years of experience, we shape mobility with dependable electronics. 

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We are accelerating the epochal mobility transformation as a thought leader and number one provider of highly efficient power semiconductors for a wide-ranging application landscape.

Mobility in transition

Infineon is at the core of all types of vehicles and infrastructure systems. We bring together the essential building blocks to advance private, public and commercial mobility.

Regional mobility stories

Infineon’s solutions regarding autonomy, connectivity, electrification and sharing have an impact on the daily activities for both, consumers and businesses.
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Israeli e-mobility startup Ree Automotive, headquartered in Tel Aviv, surprised the 2021 electric car market with an outright innovation. The company developed a space-saving architecture for electric cars that is designed to give car designers more freedom to layout the vehicle's interior. The concept is based on the idea of housing all the components needed for motion, such as steering, brakes and the electric motor, in the wheel and wheel housing. The completely flat platform is reminiscent of a skateboard in terms of shape and is made possible primarily by the integration of Infineon AURIX™ microcontrollers in REEcorner™ and REEcenter™ control units.