Safe Mobility
The ways we travel are as individual as we are. We enable a world in which everyone arrives safely at their destination.

Plenty of options – Always safe

Our dependable semiconductor solutions for safety features, assisted driving and autonomous vehicles.

Whether commuting to work, heading to school or on vacation, people want to travel comfortably and arrive safely. That’s why Infineon’s ambition is to provide the best technology available to make traveling safe. This is and will always be Infineon’s top priority – regardless of whether people sit in the back seat or behind the wheel, whether in a car, on a cargo-e-bike or in an e-bus.

Connected driving: Dependable technology you can trust

Since many vehicles are already fully connected these days, providing various digital services, it is important that drivers, passengers and other road users can trust their vehicles regardless of road and traffic conditions.

Infineon’s semiconductor solutions supply transportation manufacturers with dependable electronics offering quality beyond the conventional standard as well as a zero-defect mindset.

Our many years of experience in functional safety and our extensive expertise in cybersecurity are applied at the product level for specific components let our customers develop secure, state-of-the-art applications. 



Assisted and autonomous driving: Safety is not a matter of chance

Safety and cybersecurity are even more important when it comes to autonomous and assisted driving. This makes the demand for reliable microelectronics even bigger. Today’s driver assistance systems give us a first taste of the coming autonomous driving age. These systems have become increasingly common thanks to continuous semiconductor innovations.

In passenger cars, sensors and comfort functions inside the vehicle make driving more comfortable, while advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) based on radar, lidar and cameras make driving safer.

All of this contributes to “Vision Zero”, a multinational project to end traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Because: Life and health must never be traded for other benefits in society - this is the core principle which drives Infineon's efforts to ensure safe and trusted mobility. In addition to the functional interaction of applications, the protection of sensitive user and manufacturer data is equally important here.


Cybersecurity in vehicles: Compliance with international standards is a key

The fact that cybersecurity, especially in connected vehicles, is a global challenge is demonstrated by the 2022 UN R155 regulation. It obliges vehicle manufacturers to meet technical requirements for cybersecurity in order to reduce the risk of attacks throughout a vehicle's lifecycle.

Infineon is one of the first semiconductor manufacturers to be certified under ISO/SAE 21434, the new international standard for cybersecurity management systems in the automotive sector.

This makes it possible for Infineon to support automotive customers in complying with national and international cybersecurity regulations such as UN R155.

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