Connecting to the cloud has become a central part of an IoT solution as it unlocks the potential for greater analytics, insights, and accessibility for connected devices With the advent of hybrid cloud and deployments using multiple cloud providers, you need to know that your device can work with any cloud.

Support for major cloud providers

As IoT deployments increase in size and complexity, the cloud vendor you choose today may not be the one you use tomorrow. This uncertainty requires the flexibility to work with any cloud provider. With support for major public clouds, Infineon makes it easy for you to work with the cloud you need.

Secure provisioning and deployment

The AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM), supporting AWS IoT ExpressLink, lets IoT devices connect easily and securely to Amazon Web Services (AWS) over Wi-Fi. The AIROC CCM eliminates the need to manage connectivity, cloud networking, and security for IoT products, enabling faster time to market.

Product analytics

CIRRENT™ Product Analytics is a portfolio of cloud software solutions that give you actionable data for your IoT products in the field to improve performance, reliability, and connectivity. The portfolio includes the CIRRENT™ IoT Network Intelligence (INI) and CIRRENT™ Mobile App Intelligence (MAI), which provide data insights via a web portal.

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