Infineon’s Code of Ethics

Dear Colleagues,

Infineon is a reliable partner. This is a promise we make to our business partners, investors, employees and the general public. In return, we ask them to place their trust in us. We rely on your personal responsibility and integrity, and we are confident that we can honor our promise.

But how can we ensure we behave in a legally and ethically correct manner in every single situation? The new Business Conduct Guidelines are a binding set of principles that help us make autonomous decisions in the execution of our duties. Compliance with these guidelines protects us and our company against inappropriate behavior.

However, we also want to facilitate our day-to-day activities. In practice, we rely on good common sense. If there are any doubts, asking yourself a few simple questions might be helpful:

  • Am I behaving correctly and not acting in my own interest?
  • Is my action or decision legal? Does it conform to the letter and spirit of the Business Conduct Guidelines and other internal regulations?
  • Does my action or decision safeguard Infineon’s reputation as a company with high ethical standards?
  • Does my action or decision pass the “publicity test”, i.e. convey a positive image of Infineon in a newspaper report or TV program?

If we can answer these questions with “yes”, then it is very likely we are making the right decision. If in doubt about any particular situation, contact your manager or your Compliance Officer.

Every one of us contributes to the success of Infineon. Inappropriate behavior, even by one single employee, can cause considerable damage to Infineon and could have adverse financial consequences. By keeping the Business Conduct Guidelines in mind while at work, we ensure that we are acting in accordance with current laws and are complying with internal requirements.

Please read the new Business Conduct Guidelines carefully. Use them as a guide for your day-to-day behavior and your business-related actions and decisions. This will allow us to combine entrepreneurial success with responsible behavior – and enable us to honor our promise.

Thank you for your support!


Dr. Reinhard Ploss     Dr. Helmut Gassel     Jochen Hanebeck     Dr. Sven Schneider