We comply with the law and keep our promises

At a glance

  • Prevailing law is a binding framework
  • Violations of regulations have consequences
  • Promises are honored

Violations of the law can cause great damage: fines, claims for damages or an impairment or loss of reputation – for the company worldwide and the individual employee(s).

Compliance with the law is therefore the prime obligation for us at all times and all places in the world. Lawful behavior always has absolute priority. This applies even if an individual believes this behavior may be counterproductive or may not support their business or financial goals.

Any Infineon employee who commits an offense must expect disciplinary consequences as a result of breaching his or her employment obligations.

Our integrity is a valuable asset. Therefore, our ethical standards have to go even beyond legal requirements: We only promise what we are able to deliver – and we live up to our promises. Our reliability and the quality of our products, services and communication are of utmost importance in order to earn the trust of customers, investors and colleagues. Betraying this trust, for example by compromising on quality in development or production, might jeopardize the success of the whole company, even if it seems to be a minor issue.