We are fair market players

At a glance

  • Fair competition is paramount
  • Always comply with anti-trust and competition law
  • Contacts with competitors require approval
  • Corruption is not compatible with Infineon’s value culture
  • Acceptance of valuable gifts and invitations only in exceptional cases
  • Ensure transparency in potential conflicts of interest
  • No sideline work for or collaboration with a competitor
  • Scrutinize the integrity of business partners
  • Prevent money laundering

We abide by competition and anti-trust law

We are committed to fair competition for the benefit of all market participants. Every one of us is obligated to comply with competition and anti-trust law regulations when dealing with business partners or third parties. There are no exceptions; violations are not tolerated.

Restrictive agreements with competitors, customers, suppliers or distributors are strictly prohibited. Abusing a dominant market position is also prohibited. Due to the high risk of an illegal exchange of information, contacts with competitors must first be approved by the Compliance Office. More detailed regulations can be found in the Global Rule “Anti-trust Law”.

We reject corruption

We want to compete and win over customers by virtue of the quality of our products and value of our services – not through unfair means. Corrupt conduct is not compatible with our value culture and is not tolerated. The mere impression of corruption must be avoided at all times. Infineon supports national and international efforts to combat corruption. We reject bribery, in whatever form.

None of us may exploit the company’s connections to their own advantage or that of a third party and thus adversely affect Infineon. Accepting private benefits from third parties (such as money, services or discounts) is prohibited because they may impede objective business decisions.

In contacts with government bodies in Germany and abroad, we never make payments or give non-cash benefits to officials in order to gain orders or advantages for Infineon. If officials or business partners ask for or offer a personal benefit, you must not consent under any circumstances and must notify your superior and the Compliance Office immediately.

We accept valuable gifts and invitations only in exceptional cases

Gifts may be made or accepted only if permitted under the local legal system and only if decisions are not and may not be perceived as being influenced by them. The same applies to invitations to events, lunch or dinner and to other privileges of any kind.

To protect the individual employee and the company, potentially critical situations require the prior approval of the responsible Compliance Officer or a person authorized by the latter. More detailed regulations can be found in the Global Rule “Gifts & Invitations”.

Gifts and other privileges may be subject to income tax on benefits-in-kind. All applicable tax regulations must be observed.

We deal with conflicts of interest openly

We respect the personal interests and private life of all employees. We take great care in avoiding conflicts between private and business interests or even the mere impression thereof. Employees must disclose possible conflicts of interest in business decisions to their superior. Personnel decisions must also not be influenced by private interests or relations. The following applies specifically:

We disclose our sideline work

Paid sideline work and seats in other business enterprises (such as on the Management Board, Administrative Board, Supervisory Board or Advisory Board) must be reported to the HR department. The above may be prohibited if:

  • they adversely affect the employee’s work
  • they conflict with the employee’s duties at Infineon
  • there is the risk of a conflict of interest

The decision is made by the employee’s manager.

Any direct or indirect activity for a company that is in direct or indirect competition with Infineon is not permitted.

Occasional writing activities, lectures and charitable activities are not deemed to be sideline work. Details and deviations for legal reasons in the individual countries (e.g. the U.S., Italy) are specified in agreement with the Corporate Compliance Officer.

We disclose our participating interests

Infineon employees must, of their own accord, notify their superior and the HR department in writing if:

  • they hold or acquire a direct or indirect participating interest in a competitor and can influence the management of that company
  • they hold or acquire a direct or indirect participating interest in a business partner of Infineon and have dealings with the company in question as part of their work

The same applies if related persons (e.g. family members) hold or acquire such participating interests.

We expect our suppliers to meet the requirements defined in our “Principles of Purchasing”.

We choose our business partners carefully

We likewise expect our business partners to act with integrity in their business dealings. That is why, as and when required, we scrutinize our business partners to ascertain whether they provide safeguards to ensure compliance with the law and abide by the human rights and social standards acknowledged by Infineon. We do not enter into a business relationship with a partner who violates relevant national laws or international conventions, conceals its true identity or ownership structure, launders money or finances terrorism, or with a partner who fails to make appropriate efforts to correct such situations.

We prevent money laundering

Money laundering, the introduction of illegally earned money into the legal business and financial system, e.g. by exchange or transfer, is a crime in many countries. Every one at Infineon is obliged to comply with German and foreign regulations on money laundering at work. This includes the duty to obtain adequate information before the transaction on the contractual partner’s business environment, the contractual partner itself and the purpose of its intended business transaction. If there are doubts or suspicions about whether financial transactions are permissible, the responsible Compliance Officer must be consulted immediately.

We comply with export control laws

We observe the export control and customs regulations of the countries in which we do business. Employees entrusted with importing, exporting or transferring goods, services, hardware, software or technology are obliged to comply with prevailing sanctions programs, export control and customs laws and regulations, and guidelines and processes in their work.