Student Competition
Seeking Creative and Original Ideas for
a Better Living Environment

About Chips @ School Competition

The theme of the competition is: “A.I. Makes Live Easier”

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) can be referred to the ability of a computer-controlled machine to sense, learn, and act with human-like level of intelligence; similar to C-3PO character in Star War where the robot can help his master with his daily task.

  • While we are still not at the level of AI in Star War, there are many applications in our daily life where AI is deployed to make our lives easier. We use email in our day-to-day lives and behind the scene, email providers are using AI to filter out spam emails. AI enabled Chatbots are used by many organizations to provide 24/7 customer service relieving workload from their customer services officers.

  • In the near future, we will be driven by AI enabled self-driving vehicles. It is also likely that we will have a safer journey as human error accounts for anywhere between 94% to 96% of all auto accidents. There are many areas such as healthcare, education, agriculture, etc. where AI can be deployed.

  • We are living in a fast-changing world facing challenges such as climate change, aging population, digital transformation, etc. Infineon would like to invite young innovators to join us in this exciting competition to generate new ideas to help Infineon shape the future lives and learn more about Semiconductor and AI and how you can make our lives easier.