Infineon Technologies Regensburg

Innovation lab and high-tech factory

Semiconductors are indispensable in today‘s day and age. They make cars more environmentally friendly, safer and more comfortable. They feed renewable energy from wind turbines and solar power plants into power supply systems with very little loss. They make smartphones and computers more energy efficient, and chips improve data security in credit cards and ID cards. Products by Infineon are intelligent and environmentally friendly. In order to achieve this, development and production must be in perfect tune, like in Regensburg.

Infineon Regensburg – Innovation lab and high-tech factory in one. This is where we conceive and build the chip standards of the future. Together with our more than 3,000 employees, we develop innovations with new materials, work with graphene and nanopaste and devise new packaging, manufacturing processes and new chip separation methods for our power semiconductors, sensors, microcontrollers and high-frequency chips. Having the development and production facilities on one campus enables people to quickly exchange creative ideas.

Infineon Regensburg is an innovation laboratory and high-tech factory at the same time. The location offers employees an attractive working environment and promotes the development and production of innovative products that make our daily lives easier. Regensburg is the only Infineon site that has both manufacturing and development facilities for chip and packaging technology.

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