Alarm System

Sensor fusion-based alarm system powered by XENSIV™ IM69D130 microphone and DPS310 barometric pressure sensor

We expect our alarm systems to reliably protect what we love while also avoiding false alarms. Current alarm systems are triggered by various sounds like a dog barking or background noise from a movie. With our patent-pending concept of combining audio with pressure information, Infineon’s alarm system only acts when you expect it to.

Peace of mind with Infineon’s alarm system

Infineon’s patent-pending sensor fusion concept enables higher accuracy and precision for intrusion detection

Infineon’s alarm system offers:

  • Highest reliability
  • No more false alarms

How it works

Infineon‘s alarm system offers more intelligence than traditional alarm systems

Different options are available depending on the level of engagement with Infineon

Alarm system testing kit

Price: 399€

What is included in my testing kit?

  • Easy change of modes via app
    • Demo mode
    • Glass break mode
    • Intruder mode
  • Recording of audio files and pressure data
  • Audio output of detected (glass break) events

Available today


Quick start guide for our alarm system testing kit

The quick start guide enables you to get started with our alarm system testing kit, evaluate the system in real environments and collect data for further assessment.

Reference design based on Quicklogic microcontroller

We have gone one step further and created an Infineon quality reference design with fully qualified software

  • Easy visualization of all three modes via UART
    • Test mode
    • Glass break mode
    • Intruder mode
  • Adjustable sensitivity for different room sizes
  • LED indication of detected glass break/intrusion event
  • Fully tested and qualified software on a small form factor

Available today

Reference design based on XMC microcontroller

  • Easy visualization of the three mode via USB
    • Test mode
    • Glass break mode
    • Intruder mode
  • Adjustable sensitivity for different room sizes via convenient on board switches
  • Fully tested and qualified software

Available today


If you are in the design phase and looking for support from experts, we can team up for your design journey

Infineon will support you with:

  • Designing a form factor board with Infineon’s XENSIVTM microphone IM69D130 and pressure sensor DPS310 combined with your choice of microcontroller (ARM M4 or above)
  • Fully tested and qualified software

Alarm system solution by Flex

We offer you a complete solution in cooperation with our partner Flex.


Development Verification & Test (DVT) module

  • Flex´s portfolio of modular boardlets enables rapid prototyping and design.

  • These boardlets encompass a range of core functionalities from sensing, connectivity and power, to compute.

  • Compatibility with the Feather form factor provides access to an open, dynamic ecosystem to enable innovation during the conceptual phases.

    Available today

System-in-Package (SiP) mass production and fully tested alarm system solution

  • Based on Flex’s proprietary packaging technology
  • Single 12 mm x 12 mm package
  • Ease of integration for drop-in fully functional Infineon alarm system
  • SiP integrates all components including:
    • Infineon alarm system fusion glass break and intrusion detection software
    • Infineon pressure sensor and MEMS microphone
    • Flash memory and discrete components
    • Alarm trigger event output

      Available today