New! SSO10T TSC – Top Side Cooling Package with OptiMOS™ Technology

Infineon introduces its new top side cooling package SSO10T TSC in combination with its leading edge OptiMOS™ MOSFET technology.

SSO10T TSC offers excellent thermal performance by a direct top side cooling concept. No more heat transfer into or through the PCB.

It enables an easy and compact double side PCB design, it minimizes cooling effort and system costs for future Automotive power designs.

The footprint of the SSO10T TSC has 5mm x 7mm and is based on the established industry standard SSO8 5mm x 6mm robust package.

SSO10T TSC can be used for a wide variation of tomorrows Automotive applications like EPS, Braking, Power Distribution, BLDC drives etc.

The SSO10T TSC package is JEDEC listed for open market use and wide 2nd source compatibility.


Key features

  • Direct cooling path to ECU housing
  • Improves Zth by -20% up to -50%
  • Improves Rth by -20% up to -50%
  • Enables double sided PCB design
  • Provides higher application currents
  • SSO10T TSC is JEDEC listed for open market and 2nd source compatibility

Key benefits

  • Best Cooling Performance
  • Not heat transfer into PCB
  • Very compact PCB design
  • Reduces system area
  • Reduces cooling efforts & costs
    (no more vias)
  • Reduces system costs & design efforts
  • High power density & efficiency

Key applications

  • Electric power steering
  • Power disconnect switches
  • Zone control units
  • E-fuse box
  • DC/DC
  • ABS Braking, e-Booster
  • all automotive applications
  • BLDC drives in a wide variety

SSO10 TSC top side cooling 5x7 offers more than 20% up to 50% higher power capability than comparable industry standard SSO8 5x6 bottom side cooled package

For more information, please check our product presentation and product brief.

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