Infineon IT
Hackers don't have a chance – thanks to our IT organization.

Our IT team supports more than 53,000 Infineon employees across the globe with innovative IT solutions. Whether their strength lies in the bits and bytes, an analytical mindset or project organization – for our IT staff, Teamwork comes with a capital T.

With about 1,200 employees, the IT team works closely together with their colleagues from the business and with external partners to drive efficiency across all business processes. IT provides much more than just state-of-the-art hardware, secure infrastructure and industry benchmark communication solutions.

IT continuously aims to introduce the latest trends and technologies into our portfolio. Currently, they run many business applications and are working on a lot of projects to improve their services by using traditional but increasingly also agile methodologies. Especially in the R&D area, but also in Supply Chain Management as well as in Sales and Marketing a powerful information technology plays a key role in giving Infineon a competitive edge.

The people behind this have different qualifications: Project Manager, System Engineer, Business Analyst, or System Architect, to name only a few. They work hand-in-hand to deliver the best fitting system solutions for our company while ensuring that the daily business runs smoothly.