Central Functions

Infineon Central Functions
Our central functions cover all of the areas that are key to running a business.

From A as in Accounting, to C as in Controlling and Taxes through to S as in Strategy Development, the central functions cover all of the areas that are key to running a business. Because more is needed to keep our company healthy than just excellent development and manufacturing facilities. Think about the numerous inventions: How could they be registered and protected without our Legal and Patents department? How would we find highly qualified employees without our HR department? And how would we get the raw materials and consumables we need for manufacturing with the best possible price/performance ratio without our Purchasing department?

The central functions are the backbone of Infineon. They coordinate, support and drive the processes that are needed to deliver a finished product to our customers. Because every department has a role to play, following is a short A to S list of the central functions:

This is where our finances are managed – everything from the booking of income and expenses to controlling is done here.

Auditing is a supervisory function for Infineon's boards of directors. It provides independent and objective information.

This department is responsible for Facility Management, the delivery of mail, and the control of exports as well as for information security and IT strategy. Business Continuity also ensures the safety and security of Infineon worldwide and even has a crisis center at Campeon.


This department is responsible for all internal and external communication, marketing, media relations and online communication.


The Compliance Office makes sure that employees, customers, shareholders and other Infineon stakeholders behave according to the rules. This concerns rules of competition, safety regulations, conduct and a lot more.

The DES department helps product development especially in terms of the speed of innovations. For example, they make design packages and differentiating IP blocks and help in the area of Design Automation.

This department is responsible for product placement and distribution. EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) performs sub-tasks that the OEMs assign to Infineon and MSS (Management, Systems and Services) is responsible for Facility Management at all of our sites, in the clean room as well as in the cafeteria.

Finance and Treasury are responsible for Infineon's assets, for example, in the form of liquidity management and equity management. Investor Relations is responsible for the relationship with major and minor investors. 

Whether you have a question about Recruiting, Change Management, Employment Contracts or Controlling – HR has the answer.

While Legal advises Infineon on all legal matters, Patents helps protect our intellectual property.

Mergers and Acquisitions helps Infineon with everything that is related to the transfer and encumbrance or ownership rights in companies (e.g. consolidations, reorganization of group companies, acquisition financing, and acquisitions).

This department is responsible for the whole purchase volume at Infineon and helps Infineon's achieve its financial and growth goals.

Quality Management plays a big role in Infineon's Zero Defect policy. Quality managers work in every area to improve processes, prevent failures and improve efficiency.

Strategy Development develops strategic analyses and advises the board and individual segments on future market challenges and possible solutions.