Your journey and our contribution

At Infineon, we feel you should be free to shape your career in a way which fits you best. We value individual freedom,
flexibility and the power to innovate. This, together with our individually designed career paths, makes Infineon a special
employer – at least our employees think so. Find out why.

Our Career Paths

Growing with Infineon

People do their best work when they enjoy their jobs. At Infineon, we defined three clear career paths to provide the framework for your career development: Technical Ladder, Project Management and Management Career. And it doesn’t have to be up all the time – lateral moves are also possible.

Technical Ladder

Tomorrow’s technology is being developed today. The Technical Ladder was designed for dedicated scientists who wish to become experts in their field. Benefit from our tailored training as you advance from Senior Engineer to Senior Fellow. Your ideas influence our future.

Project Management

The best ideas would never turn into anything without dedicated project managers. To succeed, projects need someone with a master plan. Someone who makes sure we meet deadlines and reach milestones. Someone with a handle on everything and everyone. Our Project Management career path has been designed with those kinds of personalities in mind. You start as a Project Leader and can eventually become a Senior Project Director. You either bring the required certifications with you – or gain them with us.

Management Career

Are you an effective and enthusiastic leader? You should think about a Management Career with us. We will provide the training you need along the way. Your ability to think in new and unconventional ways will directly influence our business strategy. What we need here is empathy and confidence without arrogance.