Global career development & benefits

Every person and every career is individual and different. For this reason, Infineon offers its employees many opportunities to develop and grow their careers. This also includes benefits that allow employees to organize their own working day individually and flexibly. Like a puzzle, you can integrate the parts of benefits and career opportunities that suit you best.

Here you can find an overview of our global offers for career development and benefits. Please note that the listed benefits are partly offered depending on the location and can be different.

Are you interested in the benefits and career opportunities of a specific location? Then go to our location pages and see what each location has to offer.

Our onboarding process

  • Global Onboarding Journey: Prepare for a great Onboarding Experience with lots of training and support materials such as learning videos, tutorials, and how-to guides – all designed to ease your first steps in your new working environment.
  • Buddy Program: Buddy up with your personal guide, who will help you to settle into your new role and find your way into the team.
  • Global onboarding with local specialists: Meet your local team with onboarding events such as Welcome Breakfasts, New Hire Orientation Days, and more. Complementing our Global Onboarding Journey, these valuable local offers depend on your location.
  • Newcomer community: Join the global newcomer community, connect with other recent additions to the team, and exchange ideas with your peers. This community also provides a platform to share your own experiences and get feedback.
  • Welcome Sessions: Get answers to all your questions about your new job through our Welcome Sessions. Covering everything from IT to HR, these sessions will help you to get started in your new role and find your feet.

Career development & learning

The rapidly changing semiconductor industry and our drive to be a high performance company requires continuous learning and development for all employees. All measures focus on strengthening your self-awareness and thus improving your effectiveness in your job. At Infineon, we offer you a variety of opportunities - depending on your individual situation and needs:

  • About 17,000 free LinkedIn Learning courses in 10 languages: LinkedIn Learning is a virtual learning library that makes learning easy and effective.

  • Mentoring & Coaching programs: Our mentoring and coaching activities help you expand your expertise and grow personally and professionally.

  • Global Onboarding process: Experience a seamless transition into our global organization with our comprehensive global onboarding process designed to equip you for success across cultures and regions.

  • Virtual & f2f trainings: Learning at Infineon goes beyond classroom training! In addition to f2f or blended trainings, you can explore new virtual learning formats on a wide range of topics that fit your personal schedule and learning style preferences.


Time & flexibility

At Infineon, we believe in crafting a great working experience that is tailored to you. From flexible working hours to remote working and sabbaticals, we offer you a flexible working environment to strive and grow:

  • Flexible working hours & part-time work: We support individual needs and offer flexible working arrangements to find the best solution for everyone.

  • Mobile work: We offer a hybrid working model as a standard benefit (specifications based on job profile and local requirements).

  • Remote work from abroad / Workation (EU): We allow our employees to work from other EU countries for up to 20 workdays.

  • Sabbatical (EU): We promote work-life-balance and offer sabbaticals. This depends on your work location.

Health & well-being

Your health and well-being matter to us. That is why we are taking proper steps to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for you. Have a look at what we provide:

  • Health activities & programs: We offer comprehensive health protection and health promotion services, from acute care and employee assistance programs to health activities fostering physical and mental fitness - all designed to support you and enhance your health literacy. Please refer to your local/regional Health & Well-being intranet pages for information on the services and activities relevant to you. 

  • Health & Well-being LinkedIn Learning Journey: Need some quick access tools to help you relieve the mental and physical tension of a hectic day at work? The Health & Well-being LinkedIn Learning Journey is the right place to go. In each of the four chapters on Physical Health, Mindfulness, Stress Management and Personal Development, experts in their field guide you through in-depth learning videos and podcasts.

  • Health & Well-being Community: The Health & Well-being Community is a space for all employees where we inform you about our health activities, where we provide you with expert information on relevant health topics and where you can actively engage by connecting, interacting and sharing your experiences on a particular health and well-being topic or interest with others.

Your working environment

We want to create a working environment where everyone feels comfortable:

  • Employee events: We offer individual events at our locations. Whether it is a classic summer or Christmas party, or even a simple get together, we want to offer variety and a good atmosphere to connect.

  • Open & global community: With our open office design, we create open communication and thus promote togetherness in the workplace. But global exchange is also a high priority for us, which is why we offer cross-site exchange through the virtuality of all meetings.

  • Open office spaces: In our offices we want to support the possibilities for personal communication and exchange and to be able to hold team meetings in an appropriate environment. For this purpose, we offer different working evironments for different occasions.

Rewards and Benefits

Infineon aims to attract and retain top talent. To achieve this goal, we recognize the importance of offering competitive and market-oriented compensation, as well as appropriate participation in the success of the company:

  • Hire4Infineon: Our employee referral program allows our employees to make referrals for our open positions and, in return, they can receive rewards and/or a hiring bonus in case of a successful referral.
  • Fair and transparent remuneration: We determine the positions of our employees based on factors such as job requirements and performance, and we make sure that their compensation is aligned with the prevailing market standards. Every employee is offered equitable and transparent remuneration for their work, irrespective of gender, which complies with all legal standards and reflects their valuable contributions to the growth and development of our company.

  • Success participation: At Infineon, we provide a comprehensive global variable pay program, which directly links monetary rewards to the financial performance of the company and our divisions. This approach enables us to offer our employees an opportunity to directly participate in Infineon's success and profit. In addition, we offer equity-based long-term incentive plans for top managers and employees worldwide based upon market practice, which allow them to benefit from the long-term success of Infineon as reflected in the growth of the Infineon share price.

    Furthermore, we have in place local bonus plans, such as operations incentive plans, for non-exempt employees working at our production sites. This ensures that we are able to offer an equitable and competitive compensation package to all our employees based on their performance and contribution to the success of the company.

  • Performance-related recognition: Moreover, Infineon has implemented various programs and initiatives to acknowledge and appreciate exceptional accomplishments and outcomes. We place great importance on inspiring and promoting outstanding performance and are committed to creating a conducive workplace that nurtures personal and professional growth of our employees.

  • Benefits: In addition to market-driven remuneration, we offer our employees a wide range of attractive benefits. As our employees' needs are different and market practices vary from country to country, we have developed customised benefit packages to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and where exceptional collaboration is possible to work together on innovative and forward-looking solutions. Our benefit packages include various elements, such as attractive pension schemes to secure the financial future of our employees, sustainable employee mobility offers (e.g. electric company cars, subsidized public transport, company bicycles and shuttle services) and health and well-being provisions (e.g. insurance and prevention initiatives). Career and development opportunities, flexible working time models and, of course, the values and culture we live by round off our unique benefits package.

Follow the experiences of our employees

"The opportunity to take a three-month sabbatical between my projects was a very rewarding experience for me. By taking the time to slow down while traveling through Latin America, I gained new and diverse perspectives, was reminded to question the status quo and focus on what is truly important to me. Back at work, I'm energized, excited to share what I've learned and continue to grow by collaborating with colleagues around the world.” „My big dream was to play second-league volleyball, which means four times a week of practice and five-hour rides through Germany to the next game almost every weekend in the winter. Therefore, quite a bit of time was needed. I am very grateful that Infineon and my manager supported me in my dream by allowing me to work part-time and by re-prioritizing my workload. Two things that I found the most stunning were: I was never second-guessed, neither by my team nor my manager, if this should really be my priority, nor did it hinder my future development.”  “Working from abroad allows me to blend what I cherish: staying connected with family and friends from abroad and exploring new places, whilst working on my projects fueled with new ideas and loads of positive energy. I am very excited that Infineon offers workations as one element of our flexible working model!”

How you can grow within Infineon

At Infineon, we feel you should be free to shape your career in a way which fits you best. We value individual freedom, flexibility and the power to innovate. This, together with our individually designed career paths, makes Infineon a special employer – at least our employees think so. Find out why.