Tap Into Your True Self as an Infineon Employee

Self-discovery is a fastrack to professional fulfillment. We’re aware of this truth at Infineon, and support our engineers along every step of their self-discovery journey. It doesn’t take long for engineers, no matter their specialization, to discover new things about themselves – hidden talents, leadership qualities, etc. –  after just a short time with us - and you can, too.

Learn how you may evolve as an Infineon engineer with these words from a handful of current employees, all of whom discovered something new about themselves since their first day on the job. And if you’re curious about our work or open opportunities, visit our Careers page for more information.

A Revived Love for Learning

For engineers, education never ends. But sometimes, unfulfilling projects or burnout can dwindle our love for new information, ideas, and innovations. This is miles away from the truth here at Infineon. Take it from Rachel, a product engineer who’s found her lost obsession with learning since joining Infineon. Or Sergio, an end procurement manager, who now finds passion in training himself on new concepts and technologies:

Rachel Miller, Product Engineer: “Since onboarding with Infineon, I’ve rediscovered my enjoyment for learning.”

Sergio Gutierrez, End Procurement Manager: “I’ve gained an ability to re-train myself learning new processes, concepts, and ideas. Semiconductors are a complex industry, and it demands that you’re always on top of your game in order to make a difference.”

Bolstered Professional Confidence

When you’re confident in your skills, everything falls into place. As a new engineer at Infineon, you’ll be contributing to your team from day one - and as a result, your professional growth will rapidly leap to unimaginable  heights. This was the experience of Drew Schwarzlose, a Sr. Project Engineer at Infineon:

Drew Schwarzlose, Sr. Product Development Engineer: “My confidence in my ability to contribute to flash solutions has grown tremendously during my first year with the company.  I discovered that I have the ability to work with and find solutions to problems with employees from around the world, with all of us bringing different backgrounds and perspectives to the team.”

A Fearless Mindset

True potential lies beneath our fears. Once overcome, the stories we tell ourselves no longer limit our progression. Nowadays, new engineers are often riddled with stressful workloads, work-related anxiety, and the plague of imposter syndrome which brings on dangerous self-doubt and second-guessing. 

At Infineon, we’ve created a positive, nurturing environment, so that you’re not operating from a place of fear. We accomplish this through programs that help prevent burnout, such as flexible work schedules and programs that support the mental health of our employees, such as mindfulness sessions. In Andrew’s case, joining Infineon was his first step to eliminating his professional fears:

Andrew Spring, Manufacturing Equipment Engineer: “Since starting at Infineon I’ve discovered that my fears don’t have to control me, and with the support of the Infineon team I’ve been able to push through my fears to tackle the challenges ahead.

A Leader Lies Within

With the right nurturing, anyone can lead. This is why we offer three career progression plans for Infineon engineers, as outlined in this blog. Whether you’re gunning for “Fellow” status, leaning towards a life in project management, or would rather manage the business side of our operations, we’ll keep you on the right track. Furthermore, our global presence allows for Infineon employees to learn from the experiences and perspectives of their colleagues in other countries.