What to Expect as a Power & Sensor Systems Engineer at Infineon

Dive into the daily life of a Power & Sensor Systems (PSS) engineer at Infineon. Whether it be sensor design, development, or implementation to reach our clients’ goals, our PSS division is integral to intelligent power management, smart sensitivity, rapid data processing, and more. 

To give you a sense of what awaits you in our PSS division, we’ve asked Principal Engineer Mihir Tungare to share his day-to-day responsibilities and what he loves most about his routine. Become familiar with the daily work of an Infineon PSS engineer, before heading over to our Careers page to browse open opportunities.

Collaboration You Can Sense

It takes a village to successfully design and build new products. From our systems engineers and design teams to the PSS Division, Infineon is an ecosystem of high performers who work towards life-changing solutions, together. According to Mihir, this cross-functional collaboration can be seen in discussion-based Webex meetings with whiteboard visuals, official knowledge-sharing meetings, and more:

Mihir Tungare, Principal Engineer: “There’s a lot of collaboration between departments; we’ll often have knowledge exchange meetings with planned presentations from team members, as well as impromptu meetings where we casually share data and findings. We’ll also discuss why we can or can’t release a certain product, new design ideas, really anything that’d help Infineon improve its processes and quality.”

Day-to-Day Engagement

Boredom has no place at Infineon. As an engineer in our PSS Division, you’ll be designing and developing Infineon’s sensors and systems, while working on implementation solutions. This requires meetings with cross-regional design teams, visiting the lab for hands-on design work, and analyzing data daily. Mihir Tungare, a Principal Engineer who’s been with Infineon’s PSS division for the past 11 years, shares his experiences:

Mihir Tungare:  “I typically start my morning by meeting with my colleagues in the US and Europe via early morning calls with the various teams. Some meetings also have colleagues from other regions like Japan. Throughout the day, you can find me testing designs in the lab or analyzing data, plus making or listening to daily presentations both internally and externally. Then to close out my day, I have my daily call with core team members and occasionally with the Malaysia team.”

An Atmosphere You’ll Love

People are the bedrock of any organization–and at Infineon, our people are unbeatable. Be it their welcoming nature, the engaged interactions between departments, or their willingness to nurture new engineers, our people are what we’re most proud of. Besides the life-changing projects they play a part in, Infineon engineers often cite their colleagues as the best part of the job:

Mihir Tungare: “The people, the open environment, the interactions, and the dynamic activities of being a PSS engineer are what I love most about working at Infineon. There are always new issues to be tackled too, so we’re never short on challenges to overcome.”

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