Launch Your Technical Career at Infineon’s Power & Sensor Systems Division

Here at Infineon, our Power & Sensor Systems (PSS) division helps new graduates build their hard skills, while shaping soft skills you’ll carry with you in your professional career. 


To help you better understand the Infineon experience, we’ve asked some recent graduates who joined the PSS division to share their experiences thus far. Based on their first-hand testimonials, be sure to browse our Careers page for relevant opportunities if Infineon sounds like a fit for you.

Develop Your Technical Arsenal

We’re focused on helping you build your skills.  We’re committed to building your technical arsenal by cultivating both hard and soft skills through robust training and education. Just ask some recent grads in the PSS division who’ve picked up invaluable technical expertise as they’ve embarked on their Infineon journey:


Spencer Stone: “My favorite technical skill I have learned so far is how to approach bench testing. I did a lot of bench testing in my studies; however, I have picked up so many tips and tricks from other engineers regarding how to creatively approach each problem at the bench.”


April Earle: “I’ve received technical training sessions, been included in answering technical questions, and have been offered on-the-job training on a trip to one of our foundries. I’m also learning a lot more about radiation testing and results; this, married with getting training on how to interpret data sheets, has been very useful for me.”


Mishra Abhinav: “Infineon has allowed me to take technical courses and training, provided by the company, and has been quite flexible while I complete my Master’s Degree.”


Dominic Gutierrez: “Type-C and Power Delivery are very interesting concepts. It’s been cool to learn more about what goes on when I connect devices through USB, as it's clear that these innovations are the future of wired communication.”


Infineon’s PSS: A Team-First Division


At Infineon, we’re at the forefront of modern Power & Sensor Systems (PSS). Across the board, our PSS solutions lean on IoT, big data, and energy efficiency to develop responsive technologies which truly interact with their surroundings. 


From the aviation and space industries, to cellular infrastructure and battery-powered applications, Infineon’s PSS solutions focus on improving everyday lives. Recent graduates at Infineon also rave about the tight-knit work culture:


Dominic Gutierrez: “I immediately saw how passionate everyone is about our products, what we do and the impact they can have. I think passion is the most important quality for a workplace to have.”


April Earle: “There has been a major focus on team collaboration since I joined. Everyone has been happy to offer training or give suggestions on how to get up to speed on my position.”


Mishra Abhinav: “Teamwork is central to everything we do here at Infineon, and more specifically HiRel, where R&D and manufacturing operate in the same facility.”


Spencer Stone: “One thing that has stood out the most to me is how much Infineon employees value relationship / team building to build good synergy. The communication at the company is exceptional because team members put in the extra effort to network and build trust amongst their coworkers. Trust is key at Infineon.”


Start Off on the Right Foot

Many first jobs solely focus on soft skills. But as a new graduate on the PSS pathway, you need technical expertise - expertise that Infineon can deliver. For a list of our open PSS roles, head over to the Infineon Careers page.