Infineon Employees Share Their Experiences

At Infineon, we’re a tight-knit team with global influence. From our family-like work culture to our long standing reputation, you’ll take true pride in your role as an Infineon engineer. Don’t take our word for it, though.

Instead, take it from a few of our current engineers who’ve shared a few words about their experience at Infineon. If any of their testimonials strike a chord with you, be sure to visit our Careers page to browse our open opportunities.

At Infineon, We’re Family

When you onboard with Infineon, you join a family of top-tier engineers. From our collaborative culture and team-based workstyle to continuous mentoring opportunities which nurture your growth, you’ll feel like a part of the team  from the very start. Take it from these Infineon employees, who’ve shared a few words about Infineon’s tight-knit values:

Rachel Miller, Product Engineer: “From my first day, I found everyone to be open to helping me when I’ve needed assistance on my projects. My team members, and the teams I work closely with, always express their interest in helping me and us, as a team, to grow and learn.”

Drew Schwarzlose, Sr. Product Development Engineer: “My experience at Infineon has been an adventure from the start. Joining the Sustain BU team has been a huge learning experience, and the learning has only accelerated as I’ve become acquainted with the more experienced engineers.”

Cole Bludau, Sr. Maintenance Technician: “Working at Infineon has opened my eyes to the world of semiconductors and to the many career possibilities available to me. I’ve had the opportunity to work with an amazing team since my first day, and not only have they been great mentors for me, but they’ve also become great friends who I highly respect.”

Novy Christiana, Finance Manager: “The first thing I noticed is that coworkers treat each other like family, and I immediately felt welcomed as soon as I joined. Infineon also places a lot of importance on diversity and encourages creativity and continuous improvement.”

Our Reputation Precedes Us

Take pride in what you do, and who you do it for. At Infineon, our loyal employees revel in the life-changing projects they contribute to. Our engineers work on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technology, and take pride in spearheading projects which alter our daily lives. Don’t take it from us, though:

Yosef Habtegiorgis, Equipment Engineer: “I enjoy working for Infineon because it allows me to be on the frontline of technology. Especially right now, where the world is in short supply of chips. What I do everyday has a direct impact on the state of the world, which gives me pride in what I do.”

Carter Bailey, Facilities Engineer: “Here at Infineon, I have really enjoyed working on challenging but meaningful engineering problems alongside groups of cross-functional and diverse Infineon teams. I have been exposed to a wide variety of engineering projects that have given me an opportunity to grow and develop my engineering skills through real-world application.”

Sergio Gutierrez Alvarez, End Procurement Manager: “I’ve been at the company for six months now, and admire Infineon’s strong reputation and how deeply they care for their employees. There’s a lot to learn here, since we have experts that have been in the industry and at the same location for over 15+ years.”

Melissa Hebert, Sr. Engineering Manager: “I enjoy working with Infineon because they focus on the long-term for both the company and for its employees . I’ve worked with companies that are too short-term focused, which can  sacrifice the stability for the future. Infineon drives short term goals while keeping the overall company vision of the future in the forefront to ensure we are all moving in the same direction.”  

Maintaining Standards, Inside & Out

Quality is always the priority. From our innovative products to how we care for our engineers, we’re constantly maintaining the highest of standards. Take it from these Infineon engineers, who describe our focus on continuous improvement, flexible scheduling, and office amenities:

Andrew Spring, Manufacturing Equipment Engineer: “My first impression of Infineon is that they’re devoted to continuous improvement. Other places I’ve worked at focused heavily on cutting costs, which led to shifting priorities, many of which I didn’t agree with. Infineon is focused on producing the highest quality products, and seeks to not only maintain that standard, but to improve upon it.”

Aleia Houle, Yield Engineer: “I’ve been working at Infineon for just over two years and really enjoy the way they schedule shifts. They’re consistent and there are fair accommodations for the 12 hours you spend on-site, such as the cafeteria, gym, showers, and the break rooms and restrooms are kept clean.”

See For Yourself!

Seeing is believing. Lend us your skills and join a family of amazing engineers that are sparking the technology of tomorrow.