Human Capital Reporting (ISO30414)

Infineon is one of the first companies worldwide to be officially ISO certified for Human Capital Reporting! Being compliant with ISO30414 means providing a comparable collection and reporting of HR data – and making the contribution of our employees to organizational performance transparent! 

Why did we get certified according to ISO30414?
To position Infineon as a transparent and sustainable company and as an attractive employer, as well as to proactively address ESG issues!

Standardization of reporting already exists in our business world - for example, financial reporting and accounting standards were introduced decades ago to describe a company's financial performance in a standardized way. Until 2018, there was no international reporting standard for an organization's Human Capital performance. In other words, there was a gap for HR!

The ISO30414 standard is filling the gap. A company's workforce is increasingly important in predicting corporate profitability – and it is of equal importance to let relevant stakeholders receive as much information about that as needed. A growing number of companies include workforce statistics in annual sustainability reports, but the data is not standardized. Therefore, it is a valuable opportunity to voluntarily make use of ISO30414 and get certified by complying with the standard.

What is the ISO30414 all about?
It aims to close the gap of standardized reporting in the HR field, by leveraging the global credibility of the ISO Organization. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards, that published the Human Capital Reporting standard in December 2018. It represents the first official international framework for standardization in the area of Human Capital Reporting and is relevant for various internal and external stakeholder and target groups, like applicants, investors, employees, workers council and the management.

The core content for the external Human Capital Reporting of ISO30414 comprises 23 Human Capital-related metrics, which are structured into 9 different areas.

ISO-standardized Human Capital Reporting comes along with a variety of benefits for Infineon as well as its stakeholders. By implementing the standard, Infineon demonstrates its understanding of Human Capital being a business opportunity and not just a compliance or cost topic – and a strategy for more sustainable profits and better returns for investors! ISO30414 sets the framework for consistent benchmarking and comparison, and thereby enables Infineon to further increase organizational performance.

The ISO30414 metrics support Infineon to

  • Increase organizational performance by consistent benchmarking and comparison opportunities.
  • Establish more transparency with extended fields of reporting.
  • Create a greater understanding of (non-)financial returns and how purposeful the results of investments in Human Capital are for internal and external stakeholder.
  • Contribute to our ESG targets and to further position ourselves in the context of sustainable corporate governance and by doing so, contributing to our company and sustainability strategy.
  • To further position and professionalize our HR function.