Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

The smooth, intuitive experience of a smartphone interface has become the standard that every IoT application is expected to deliver for HMI. With the addition of voice as an HMI, the knowledge and expertise needed to quickly integrate these seamless interfaces into your device only increases. Infineon's deep expertise lets you create HMI solutions like touch control built with CAPSENSE™, which has been used to replace over 6 billion mechanical buttons.

Touch control

Get to know our CAPSENSE™ solution

Capacitive sensing for touch has changed the face of design in consumer and industrial products. Our CAPSENSE™ solutions bring elegant, reliable, and easy-to-use capacitive touch sensing functionality to your design, via PSoC™ Creator’s CAPSENSE™ component, ModusToolbox CAPSENSE™ Middleware or our Mechanical Button Replacement (MBR) portfolio. Our capacitive touch sensing solutions have replaced more than four billion mechanical buttons and it enables hundreds of diverse types of sensing applications.

Touch control for consumer applications

Creating a smooth touch interface requires accurate touch detection along with a responsive interface. To prevent false touch detections from ruining the experience, you have to manage the noise and electromagnetic interference from other components like the power supply. Infineon’s CAPSENSE™ capacitive sensing solution with industry leading signal to noise ratio performance lets you overcome these challenges. Choose from a variety of CAPSENSE™ based kits to quickly prototype your touch solution.

Touch control in industrial environments

Industrial environments require a touch interface that can perform under extreme conditions created by water and dust, while also accurately detecting touches from operators wearing gloves. Together with our partner UICO we have created a solution that shows how CAPSENSE™ and the technology from UICO can meet industrial touch screen requirements. The solution safeguards seamless operation of the touchscreen in challenging industrial environments - highlights include water tolerance and glove touch sensitivity.

Learn about other use cases where we can support you

Proximity detection and gesture control

Touchless control solutions let you keep control surfaces clean while also reducing wear and tear. The challenge is to build a realistic solution for touchless controls that is both cost effective and energy efficient. Infineon’s CAPSENSE™ lets you build low-cost and low-power solutions for proximity detection and gesture control that other technologies can’t. Watch our demo video that shows gesture detection accuracy with the ability to detect gestures up to 6 inches (15cm) away and only recognizing gestures made in the detection zone directly above the speaker. The video shows how the song play, volume, and selection can be controlled during audio playback.

Local voice commands

Modern voice controlled interfaces require high performance microphones along with machine learning for audio processing so that you can do things like detect wake words or process voice command locally. We provide local voice control solutions for low power and constrained edge devices using XENSIV™ MEMS microphones and PSoC™ 6 Arm® Cortex M4 microcontrollers for audio processing. Together with our partners we help you at the start of your concept and during your development process to engineer a successful digital audio assistant design.

Graphic display

IoT applications require all types of graphics from simple displays to rich, full graphics. With a broad family of microcontrollers like the PSoC™ 6, Infineon supports many of the IoT displays that you need to build. Combined with the knowledge from partnerships with graphics experts like Embedded Wizard, Segger (SEGGER emWin Graphic Library), and Altia, an international leader in graphical user interface (GUI) design and development tools, we have the solutions for all your graphics needs.

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