I. Addendum

This addendum has been prepared to further clarification of some few sections of the global guidelines to reflect local culture. The relevant sections are listed below. 

I 1. Section B 3. (Anti-corruption – Offering or granting Benefits)

Section B 3. of the Global Business Conduct Guidelines states that: "Unjustified cash payments must not neither be granted to Public Officials nor to Business Partners."

Given that cash payments for family celebrations in AP are part of the local culture, appropriate donations may be approved by the local Compliance Officer on case by case basis.

I 2. Section C 3. (Sideline Work)

Section C 3. of the Global Business Conduct Guidelines state that "Any employee who intends to begin paid sideline activities must inform the HR department beforehand in writing".

Per this addendum, Infineon Employees in North America and Italy will not be required to inform or seek the permission of the HR department before beginning paid sideline activities. Each Infineon Employee in North America, however, will be under a duty to avoid any such work that will negatively affect work performance, contradict the Infineon Employee’s duties within the Company, or threaten to present a conflict of interest.