Humanising Energy
Technological innovations for a future worth living

We all depend on energy every day: in our private homes, in the office, in public and commercial buildings, in mobility and industrial production.  Currently, the global energy sector is responsible for two thirds of greenhouse emissions worldwide. By 2030, there will be 8.5 billion people living on earth. Access to energy is being extended to all, the world economy continues to grow – and so will the need for energy.

We need powerful solutions to reach climate protection targets including net zero by 2050.  Clean and efficient technologies are key to mastering this challenge. They can increase the world's energy efficiency – along the entire energy conversion chain. Semiconductors in particular are an integral part of these technologies across energy generation, transmission, storage and consumption. Semiconductors enable the intelligent and efficient use of energy.

Infineon attended the World's Energy Council's Humanising Energy series to talk about the  human side of energy and how technological innovations made by humans can make a difference.

In this video two Infineon employees talk about their vision of sustainability, their personal engagement and the crucial role of microelectronics:

Is it too late for change?

Andreas Urschitz
Chief Marketing Officer

“When I joined Infineon at the age of 21, one of the things I started realizing is this huge potential of semiconductor technologies that can be used in order to enable energy efficiency and deal with a scarcity of resources in a meaningful manner. Infineon is an innovation leader in energy efficiency: One part of that is making semiconductors to create renewable energies. The other part is making very energy-efficient semiconductors that help saving electricity during consumption.”

Negar Soufi Amlashi
Senior Vice President & Product Line Head

“Today, one of the key challenges of our time is climate change and protecting the planet. It’s in our DNA to develop energy efficient products and solutions which actively contribute to decarbonization and make our lives easier safer and greener. Infineon makes chips which are a quarter as thick as a human hair. The less heat they produce, in other words, the more efficient they are, the less cooling is required. And the more efficient they are, the more they contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting our planet.”

Infineon products contribute to a net CO2 reduction of more than 100 million tons.
The company’s goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030.

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