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Hear some insights from Startups working with Infineon Co-Innovation Space.

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William Temple, CEO

"The year we spent working with Infineon has helped us develop capabilities and raise the profile of our business while creating a foundation for long-term collaboration." 

William Temple, CEO, Ampotech

"The team and the products made a positive impression on me right away. Then as Infineon was offering vacancies in its Co-Innovation Space, it was clear to us that it would mean added value to move in there to intensify the collaboration with Infineon."

Justin Sim, Head of Ops, Shado Group International

“We have benefited tremendously from the engagement with COINS both as a user of Infineon product and as a supplier to Infineon.

It created a win-win situation where Xnergy Universal Contactless Charger can be refine from chip design to high uptime use case environment”

CF Tong, CEO, Xnergy

“Being part of COINS is like building a start-up within a MNC, it opens up access to valuable resources such as support from the Marketing team.”

Linus Kerk, Founder, XaLogic

"COINS give us access to new engineering samples and valuable advice from top Infineon engineers to improve our product’s performance and reliability".

Jogjaman Jap, CEO, Spectronik

"The close collaboration accelerated our move from prototype to mass production with enhanced security, using OPTIGA™ Trust X, for our BAWA Cane devices."

Daniel Vong, Co-Founder, Bawa

“It was a pleasure and a privilege for Plunify to collaborate with Infineon on cutting-edge R&D and to learn from each other. The COINS gave us the perfect base of operations to interact with our partners on a daily basis."

Ng, Harnhua
Co-Founder, Plunify