Free TASKING Pin Mapper for AURIX™

The TASKING Pin Mapper for AURIX™ has been jointly developed with Infineon and contains expert-level knowledge about the dependencies between peripheral modules and device pins. The tool enables both novice and expert users to quickly configure AURIX™ microcontrollers by making connections between port pins and peripherals. It provides the vital functionality to executed feasibility studies, select the lowest cost hardware device for a given set of requirements, and create device initialization code in the most cost-effective way.

The TASKING Pin Mapper can save a substantial amount of time for developers and provides assurance that no pin conflicts exist. In addition, the pin mapper generates a data file for PCB design, eliminating the chance for errors when passing data manually.

Benefits of the TASKING Pin Mapper for AURIX™:

  • The Pin Mapper tool reduces developer time and costs while improving the quality of results.
  • Configuration takes place via an intuitive Eclipse-based GUI with built-in knowledge about AURIX™ devices and packages. This saves the developer from the tedious task of consulting piles of Device Manuals and maintaining configuration settings in spreadsheets.
  • Configuration errors/conflicts are detected at entry time and can be either automatically resolved by the Built-in Conflicts Solver or solved manually. Whereas traditionally such errors remain hidden until code has been generated and is tested.
  • The Pin Mapper reduces miscommunication between individuals and teams by creating all project files from one source. The Pin Mapper creates:
    • device initialization code in ISO-C format
    • a spreadsheet (CVS) file for project documentation
    • a schematic symbol block that can be imported by PCB design tools such as Altium Designer

Supported TriCore Devices:

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