1) Full Material Declaration (FMD) as outlined in Purchase Specification A:

“Supplier shall notify Infineon Technologies AG in writing of any and all substances contained in Material including without limitation the percent weight of the constituents and the total weight of the Material (“Material Content Data Sheet”). Every homogeneous material has to be described as a separate material.

2) Full Material Declaration (see Supplier Material Declaration Form / SMDF)

is a comprehensive document providing detailed information about all materials remaining in a product including their composition and percentages.

3) Why is FMD important?

FMD is important and crucial for transparency in supply chain, enabling customers to ensure regulatory compliance and stay environmentally sustainable.

4) “Homogeneous”

means that there is a consistent material composition which cannot be separated mechanically into two or more different materials.

5) “Mechanical separation”

here means that it is generally possible to separate materials by means of cutting, trimming and abrasion. Homogeneous materials are for example plastics, metals, alloys and coatings. Materials such as metals with a coating (example: plated galvanized steel or copper wire with PVC coating) or layered composition materials (example: copper over moulded with polymer) are most likely not homogeneous and each layer needs to be described as a separate material.

6) Supplier Declaration on Substances of Concern (SoC)

as outlined in Purchase Specification A: “Supplier shall indicate to Infineon the exceedance of thresholds stated in the applicable Substances of Concern List, if any, in Infineon’s document “Supplier Declaration on Substances of Concern”. Supplier shall submit a filled in and signed version of the Supplier Declaration on SOC to Infineon prior to the initial delivery of the relevant Material to Infineon and, if required, without undue delay after an update of the Substances of Concern List is available on Infineon’s website.” It is vital for environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance to provide signed declaration and provide regular updates.

7) Substances of Concern:

Substances of Concern refer to materials with potential environmental, health, or regulatory risks (please see Substances of Concern / Declarable substances document for full list of such substances).

8) ICP Report

ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) Spectroscopy is an analytical technique used to measure and identify elements within a sample matrix based on the ionization of the elements withing the sample.


IMDS stands for International Material Data System, a web-based platform used by for sharing and managing information about materials.
IMDS helps to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and keep track on material composition and substances used in a product.