Radar presence detection

Powered by XENSIV™ BGT60TR13C radar

Imagine a smart home where your devices can sense you and act accordingly. Think about speakers that always know what room you’re in, lights that automatically turn on when you enter a room and turn off again when you leave. Devices that activate as you approach.

Infineon’s highly accurate radar-based presence detection solution enables all of this – and more! It allows smart devices to detect whether someone is in the field of view and to intuitively interact with that person.

How radar can make your home intuitively smart

Infineon’s radar presence detection solution

Infineon’s radar presence detection solution enables the detection of human presence within a configured distance. Enabled by our XENSIVTM 60 GHz radar with its sophisticated radar presence detection algorithm, this solution provides extremely high accuracy in detecting both micro and macro motions.

The radar range can be individually configured to detect human presence at a distance of up to 5 meters. Gone are the days when you had to wave frantically to turn lights on or move about to keep them on.

How it works

The XENSIVTM 60 GHz radar continuously tracks targets within an angular range up to a configured distance. The figure below illustrates the functionality of radar when the target is detected in the configured range.

Infineon’s radar presence detection solution in action

Presence detection with XENSIV™ 60 GHz radar

Benefits of our radar presence detection solution

Feature Benefit
Dynamic distance configuration Configure the detection range
Micro motion detection Reliable presence detection even when the person is standing and sitting still
Complete privacy No video recording
Concealed integration Can be covered by most materials


Azimuth and elevation angle

Why use a radar-based presence detection solution?

Unique advantages of Infineon’s 60GHz radar presence detection solution over conventional presence detection technologies



Different options are available depending on the level of engagement with Infineon

Presence detection testing kit

If you want to connect our presence detection solution to other house hold devices, try our ready-to-use testing kit

Price: € 399,-

What is included in my testing kit?

  • Connect Infineon´s radar presence detection testing kit to any household device to enable presence sensing
  • Easy connection via Bluetooth® to Infineon presence detection App

    Available today

Form factor reference design

We have gone one step further and created an Infineon quality reference design with fully qualified software

  • FCC and SRRC compliant ready to use 60GHz radar presence detection small form factor solution
  • Cost optimized and easy to integrate

    Available Q4/2019



Yes, the detection range for human presence can be configured from 20 cm to 5 m.

Yes, Infineon’s solution can be used outdoors. However, a wider range might be required for some outdoor applications. If you need a wider range, check out Infineon’s 24 GHz industrial radar solutions.

Reliable presence detection is possible within a 5-meter range.

Infineon’s radar presence detection solution is very sensitive, offering unique benefits over conventional technologies deployed to detect human presence. This presented technology reacts to human breathing (even if people are not moving). The ability to detect these micro movements makes it perfect for intuitive user interaction with devices. It means that users no longer have to wave in front of sensors to make sure that lights stay on (or similar).

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