Xilinx Ultra Scale Kintex Power Solutions – 10W Reference Design - New!

Description & features:


  • Pick and choose power rails for Kintex for 10 W
  • Critical voltage rails for Core, Platform & SerDes
  • High efficiency: >90%
  • High density: Integrated POL+FET+PMBus™
  • Low noise: <10 mVpp SerDes rails
  • PMBus™ sequencing speeding up digital power design
  • Fault management, telemetry & margining
  • Scalable power options


  • 30W to 50W FPGA, ASIC or SoC Power Solution
  • Example: Kintex / Spartan / Arria 10/V, Stratix V/IV, Cyclone
  • 8 voltage rails: 6x IR38060MTRPBF + Dual IR3892MTRPBF
  • Integrated Sequencing, telemetry and voltage margining
  • Arduino Shield for XMC1100—sequencing and synchronization

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Infineon’s new PowerDesk

Avnet-Infineon DC-DC power solution for Xilinx Ultra Scale FPGAs

PowerDesk models – Xilinx Kintex KCU040 – 20 nm

FPGA power secton Description Device Schematic symbol Adress location
Core voltage VCCINT / VCCBRAM 0.95 V IR38060 U28 0x42 / 0x12 http://go.transim.com/KaS
Platform voltage VCCAUX, VCCO 1.8 V IR38060 U32 0x47 / 0x17 http://go.transim.com/rne
Platform voltage DDR4 / VCCO 1.2 V IR38060 U33 0x44 / 0x14 http://go.transim.com/GeZ
SERDES voltage VMGTAVCC 1.0 V IR38060 U31 0x43 / 0x13 http://go.transim.com/rHl
SERDES Voltage VMGTAVTT 1.2 V IR38060 U29 0x45 / 0x15 http://go.transim.com/QX0
SERDES Voltage VMGTAVCCAUX 1.8 V IR38060 U30 0x46 / 0x16 http://go.transim.com/Bkx
Peripheral Voltages VCCO 3.3 V, VCCO 2.5 V IR3892 U34 N/A http://go.transim.com/8IZ