Smart Advent Calendar

Calendar controlled by a XMC1100 and Smart Switches

This smart advent calendar is equipped with a XMC1100 Boot Kit, the 24V Protected Switch Shield with BTT6030-2EKA and BTT6020-1EKA and a self made shield containing five BTS3035TF low side switches.
The five low and five high side switches are connected in a matrix setup. This reduces the BOM and allows to switch 25 actors with only 10 output ports. Based on the information of a real time clock (RTC) the XMC microcontroller is switching a pair of low and high side switches to open one the calendars 24 doors.

The actors are self produced constant magnetized electromagnets, the calendar itself is build out of laser cuted wooden panels. A description of the assembly process can be found in the application note below.

Summary of Features

  • 25 actuators controlled via 10 outputs
  • High power smart switches
  • No need to search for the right door

How to build one

Start with building the wooden frame. We cut the parts with a laser, you can also use traditional tools for manufacturing.
The files can be found below.

After the basic Box is done you create the 25 actors (we used two actors for the day 24s double door).
The actors are build by winding an isolated copper wire around an iron nail.

This actors are glued in the box and connected according to the following Block diagram


Laser cut files

Image Board Family Description Status


24V_SHIELD_BTT6030 High/Low Side Switch

The 24V Protected Switch Shield for Arduino is used to drive resistive, capacitive as well as inductive loads (e.g. truck bulbs, car bulbs, valves, motors, relays, capacitors, LEDs) & fast prototyping and in-expensive evaluation of the PROFET™+ 24V devices.


active and preferred
XMC1100_Boot Kit
KIT_XMC11_BOOT_001 Microcontroller The XMC1100 CPU Card for Arduino TM has two rows of pin headers which fully compatible with Arduino TM shield . Hence, user can buy various Arduino shield boards off - the - shelf to test the capabilities of XMC1100 Microcontroller. active and preferred