Infineon makes your world wireless with the all new XMC™-SC Wireless Power Controllers

Infineon's XMC™-SC Wireless Power Controller, based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0 core, provides a powerful and cost-effective platform for high performance, smart and safe wireless charging applications. The XMC wireless power controller helps the next-generation wireless charging systems meet strict safety, environmental and regulatory requirements, while still enabling industry-leading charging performance and efficiency. This controller works seamlessly with Infineon's power devices in a scalable architecture to provide a complete charging solution for everything from a fast charge smartphone, to a 20 W robot, to a 60 W drone and beyond, to 80 W power tool applications.  

Infineon´s wireless charging solutions remove the hassle of re-fueling your devices. By using electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitter to a receiver application, it charges your battery without a physical connection. All thanks to a wireless charging power supply. Now compatible devices from a wide range of receiver applications can fuel up cable-free. Currently, inductive or resonant solutions can be used for the following applications.

Want to get started with a consumer solution? Check out the quick start guide for the REF_10WTX_QI_4102

The 15 W wireless power transmitter evaluation module is a high-performance, easy-to-use development kit designed for applications with up to 15 W of power transfer. It supports an input voltage range of 9 V to 12 V and is compatible with QC 2.0/3.0 adapters. The transmitter provides the designer with a certified platform that drastically reduces the development time of their end application. The system supports WPC v1.2.4 receivers up to 15 W, as well as all legacy Qi-certified receivers. Smartphones with proprietary fast-charge capability are also supported. Additional features and future standards changes are supported by the easy-to-upgrade software. The Infineon 15 W reference design is WPC v1.2.4 certified, and rated for a temperature range of +25°C to +85°C.


  • Supports standard compliant and fast charging smartphones
  • Supports charging up to 10Q with QC 2.0 adapter
  • Accurate Foerign Object Detection (FOD) for a safe charging experience
  • Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) 1.2.4 certified
  • Software updates for future standards evolution
  • Easy-to-use GUI for software updates and real-time analytics
  • Recuded bill-of-material supported by unique wireless power controller 

Key Infineon products

  • Wireless Power Controller XMC™-SC (XMC6521SC-Q040X)
  • OptiMOS™ 40V
  • EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN
  • Wireless charging driver IC
  • Monolithically integrated low-drop voltage regulator
  • OptiMOS™ p-channel MOSFET
  • OptiMOS™ n-channel MOSFET


  1. Download documentation and GUI software
  2. Install GUI (optional)
  3. Remove REF_10WTX_QI_4102 from ESD bag
  4. Select appropriate AC plug and attach to DC power supply
  5. Plug USB serial programming cable into computer and device
  6. Plug DC power supply into device and into AC outlet
  7. Start GUI (optional)
  8. Place smartphone on charging surface

Embedded World 2019: Wireless charging solutions with XMC™-SC and AURIX™

Infineon’s XMC™-SC and Aurix™ provide a flexible platform for high performance, smart and safe wireless charging applications. These controllers work seamlessly with Infineon’s power and interface devices to provide a complete charging solution for automotive, consumer and other connected devices. Watch the demo with Infineon Product Manager Maria Tartilan from Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, to get more information on Infineon´s high performance wireless charging solutions. 

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