Welcome to #MakeRadar - The home of radar makers!

No matter if you are a junior or senior in the field of radar, here you will find everything you need to know about radar sensors and applications.
Learn what is possible with radar, the theoretical background behind radar applications and how they can be implemented.

This is made easy by the radar development kits provided by Infineon, such as the Sense2GoL.
With these development kits you can interactively learn radar and quickly build your first applications!

Here for the first time?
Then let us introduce you to The world of #MakeRadar!

The world of #MakeRadar

Watch and learn everything you need to know about radar and rader sensors in our three #MakeRadar sections Plug & play experienceApplications & devices and #MakeRadar School.

Let us introduce you..

Plug & play experience

Test your #MakeRadar device immediately - live and right here in the browser!

The Plug & play experience allows you to easily get started with radar and your radar device.

By simply connecting your #MakeRadar board to your PC, you can test your first applications live here in the browser without any programming. 

The live-applications are perfect for learning interactively how radar sensors work and the theory behind.
Test and learn from live-applications like Raw Data VisualizerDoor OpenerSpeedometerFFT Spectrum Visualizer and Presence Detection.

Let us explain how the applications work, why they do work and also how to implement them.

Applications & devices

Learn in which applications radar sensors can be used, for which purposes and what advantages they have over other technologies in our Applications & devices section!

Not all radar sensors are suitable for all applications. Also the #MakeRadar devices have different characteristics and applications. 

In an overview and in detailed articles about the individual #MakeRadar devices you can learn more about them and their indivdual target applications.

For example, learn more about the Sense2GoL Development Kit!

#MakeRadar School

Radar technology is a complex technology.

Learn everything you need to know about radar from A-Z.
What are radars and how do they work? What are electromagnetic waves? What is the doppler effect? What are radar data and what do they look like?
These and many other questions are answered in our #MakeRadar Theory School.

Are you ready for your first radar sensor application? - Then let's implement it!
Learn in the #MakeRadar Programming Tutorials step by step with detailed explanations how to implement the individual example live-applications using the #MakeRadar devices.

Start now with the programming tutorial for the Sense2GoL!

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Last update: 03-18-2020