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The power of radar is in your hands.
The power of radar - right at your hands
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Unleash the beast
Radar is like a t-rex. It never misses a movement. And when you hear it roar, you better take to your heels!

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Why radar?

Radar empowers you to measure your environment in a completely different way. by detecting all kinds of motions and its ability to see through objects, radar opens up a whole new world of sensing. Go ahead and start exploring right now!

The first radar for makers

Are you an early adopter? Start today with the technology that everybody will be using in the future. Take this unique opportunity to work with a cutting-edge sensor, enabling a new way of sensing.

With radar, you are two steps ahead of cameras and infrared sensors. You’re faster, more reliable and highly sensitive

  • Be an early adopter
  • Use a cutting-edge sensor
  • Totally new way of sensing
  • Measure motion, direction and speed

We love your ideas as much as you do. That’s why we’re doing everything possible to help you move forward quickly. Good documentation and integrations to the IDEs you’re already using are self-evident for us. 

We don’t leave you alone when you’re stuck. With step-by-step tutorials, interactive demos and loads of sample code, you’re able to turn your ideas into reality in no time!

  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Interactive demos
  • Seamlessly integrates with your favorite IDE
  • Extensive documentation and sample code

Build awesome things

Radar helps leveraging the potential of internet of things, industry 4.0 and autonomous driving. But that’s not all. This sensor is the perfect match for your creative mind as its flexibility empowers you to push boundaries.

Just start building your ideas. Radar’s got you covered. It senses even the tiniest movements. Therefore, the use cases are endless, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Kick off IoT, industry 4.0, autonomous driving, ...
  • Sense even tiniest movements
  • Measures motion, direction and speed
  • No Limits - what's thinkable is possible

Sense2goL Make

  Accurately measures motion, speed and direction :

  • Using frequency shifts caused by the doppler effect, sense2gol is able to accurately track the velocity of objects, detect motion and determine the direction of movement.
  • It is highly sensitive and doesn’t even miss the tiniest movements. You can use if for all kinds of applications.

Sees through objects :

  • Radar sees more than other sensors. But on top of that, sense2gol can even see through objects.

Flexible and robust :

  • Due to its tiny form factor and its excellent sensor quality, avian can be used in any thinkable application.
  • There are no restraints on the environment or your setting, the Sense2GoL just does the job for you!

Brings to you the future of sensing : 

  • Now, you’re able to make use of the most promising sensing technology for iot, industry 4.0 and other future topics!                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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