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We organize regularly events for students, graduates, young professionals and everyone who is interested in technology. Meet scientists of TU Wien or tech experts, expand your knowledge in technology and build a network to push your future career.

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Use the hub as  Free Working Space

You can hardly find a place to study at the university? We have the solution! Every Tuesday from 9 am to 5 pm you can use the hub for studying or working on projects. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offer a great atmosphere as well as free drinks and snacks

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Nearly everyone* can organize an event, but please remind yourself that our focus is on technology. Just send us an email with information about your event and we will get in touch with you.

*(e.g. students and PhD’s in general, student representatives, associations, start-ups, technical institutions, scientists, tech experts,…)

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Electronic Pulse - Startup Success Stories // coming soon September 2021 //

Connecting to innovative minds of our industry and hearing about startup success stories

Skillsharing course: Necademy - Negotiator workshop // 22 September 2021 // 16:30

Want to learn new skills that help you move to the next level? Join us and become a better you!

Skillsharing courses: LaTeX basic & advanced // 12 & 19 October 2021 //

Learn the basics of LaTeX or dive even deeper into using LaTeX at our advanced course

Webinar series: 30 minutes with tech experts // monthly, Oct - Dez 2021 //

Listen to Infineon’s tech experts and get unique insights into latest innovations in technology. Register now and immerse yourself in the world of microelectronics and become a tech genius!

Wenn die Chemie stimmt - Molekularkochkurs // 11 November 2021 //

Lerne unsere Experten von Infineon kennen und tauche in die faszinierende Welt der molekularen Küche ein. Es wird experimentiert, ausprobiert und die Chemie diskutiert.

Past Events

Together with Prof. Auzinger from the institute of computer mathematics at TU Wien this course will be held for everyone who wants to learn the basics of LaTeX or to improve them. Furthermore, Markus Sievers (PhD student at Infineon) gives an overview on how to put your LaTex knowledge into practice in the technical field.

Webinar series: 30 minutes with tech experts

Quantum computing has gained significant traction over the last years! With trapped ions being considered a leading technology platform for quantum information processing. Since 2018, Infineon develops microstructured ion traps on-chip, where single trapped atoms are used to represent quantum bits – the basic unit in a quantum computer. Listen to Silke Auchter and experience the universe of quantum computing.

To find out more about the webinar series have a look at this page: 30 minutes with tech experts

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The Webinar series "30 Minutes with tech experts" was an exclusive opportunity to listen to Infineon experts and their latest achievements in the field of technology.

You want to apply for a job but you have no idea how to do it professionally? Infineon‘s top-recruiter share their personal experience and give insider tips to get hired. Furthermore you get a personal application check for free!

Due to high demand on our first webinar “JAC”, we decided to offer a second job application coaching in autumn at Infineon Hub @ TU Wien. For further information or dates see “30 minutes with Infineon Austria”

Working at TU Wien Research Unit of Information and Softare Engineering, mathematician Nikolas "Niki" Popper became popular for his simulation of COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. He explained his work of modelling Austria’s population and gave an outlook on what the future will bring.

The SummerSchool 2020 with its topic machine learning took place under the motte "embedded brains @ Infineon"

One week packed with lectures held by world-class professors and top experts from Infineon, awesome interactive activities and the exclusive opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes of Infineon Austria. Infineon SummerSchool is a unique opportunity to network, find topics for BSc-, MSc- or PhD-theses, internships or even a job for after you graduate.

We joined  this years online conference of European Forum Alpbach and connected international decision
makers with an interested audience by streaming two of the discussions:
› How to Save the World - Youth Activism in the Spotlight      25.08.2020 12:00
› Democracy in the Time of Corona - Technology to the Rescue?  29.08.2020 18:00

You are student or a fresh graduate and want to start your career in the semiconductor industry. Then take part in our webinar and get information about student job opportunities and graduate programs at Infineon Austria. Our team will give you insights into the big world of small things and share their personal career paths with you.
It was the third webinar of our webinar series “30 minutes with Infineon Austria”.

Thomas Pock is a Professor of Computer Science at Graz University of Technology, where he is leading the vision, learning and optimization (VLO) group. The focus of his research is image processing, computer vision, inverse problems, convex and non-smooth optimization and machine learning. Prof. Pock will present his latest approaches to learn better models for solving inverse vision problems. He will show how the models can be successively improved and their parameters learned from data.

Are you interested in a PhD programm in the microelectronics sector? Infineon has created the ultimate PhD Excellence Program for you! Our experts and an active PhD student will give you insights into the program and share their personal experiences with you. In addition, you will get the exclusive opportunity to apply for our high potential student pipeline. This way you are always up to date about current PhD positions in your field of expertise.

It was the second webinar of our webinar series “30 minutes with Infineon Austria”.

The Infineon Hub is a location Partner of Industry Meets Makers.

This Year the first Virtual Future Tech Bootcamp took place where Infineon and Thales Austria participated with the topic “IoT on Train” featuring the Infineon SENSE2GOL Radar Sensor

You want to apply for a job but you have no idea how to do it professionally? Infineon‘s top-recruiter share their personal experience and give insider tips to get hired. Furthermore you get a personal application check for free!

It was the first webinar of our webinar series “30 minutes with Infineon Austria”.

Mario Drobics, Thematic Coordinator for Internet-of-Things at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Digitization throughout the entire product lifecycle accelerates the development and production of complex industrial products while improving product quality and functionality. However, the increasing connectivity of (critical) cyber-physical objects, which goes hand in hand with digitization, also leads to new security requirements, which can only be solved insufficiently with existing methods. The IoT4CPS project developed guidelines, methods and tools for secure IoT-based applications in the areas of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles and Industry 4.0.

It addresses security and safety of IoT systems in an integrative approach across the whole lifecycle and across different integration levels. This is done by addressing three main areas of research:

  • Safety & Security Design and Methods
  • Security & Verification Analysis
  • IoT Life-Cycle Data Management

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Can you answer all questions?
The quiz focuses on general knowledge and is not dedicated to tech-related questions.
Meet up with friends in our IHub to compete against other teams!

How to participate?
Form a team of four (diverse knowledge fields help)

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On over 50 m² of free working space at the IHub at TU Wien, you and your colleagues are provided with an environment that enables for working on your projects independently and for fostering your future career. Whether you are a technical student, graduate, professional or technology enthusiast – everyone is welcome to join the community and to connect, create and challenge with us.

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Two-day Workshop by Dr. phil. Markus Rheindorf focusing on elements of English scientific style, structure, positioning and argumentation in English scientific writing and how to avoid common mistakes.

“Chips: Where does the journey lead to?”

Clemens Wasner is Founder & CEO of Enlite AI and board member of AI Austria. The goal is to promote sustainable use of AI in Austria by connecting players from academia, economy and society.

How to apply professionally. Job application coaching for technical geniuses.

How to convince a company, when you apply for a job? Infineon‘s top-recruiter share their

 personal experience and show you interesting techniques to present yourself and get hired.

› Free application photos

Live streams of Infineon SummerSchool 2019 with its topic Sensor Systems wich took place with the motto “Sense the world!” from August 26-30, 2019

Aim was a unparalleled insights into the world of Infineon sensors – covering automotive, magnetic and consumer sensors

› theory with top experts from Infineon and world-class professors

› Networking

› PhD Pitches

Celebrating the end of exams, listening to cool beatsand connecting with other students.

 › Free entrance, drinks and snacks

› A creative and technology-based programme

› The possibility to connect with specialists from technology and science

› A little touch of summer feelings

Der Computer – die bahnbrechende Erfindung des 20. Jahrhunderts, welche das Leben aller Menschen nachhaltig beeinflusst hat. Doch wie wurde diese Entwicklung wahrgenommen? Dr. phil. Oliver Sukrow (Forschungsbereich Kunstgeschichte, TU Wien) referierte über den Computer im Spannungsfeld zwischen „Freiheitsmaschine“ und „Kontrollapparat“. Der Vortrag spürte auch der architektonischen und künstlerischen Inszenierung des Computers in den Bild- und Vorstellungswelten nach.

What can I protect? How to apply for a patent. What are trademarks and registered designs?

› Dipl.-Ing. Georg Puchberger (patent attorney) and Dr. Maximilian Bonta (patent attorney trainee), both Puchberger & Partner Patentanwälte, gave a basic introduction to intellectual property rights.

What is the job of chemists and physicists at a semiconductor manufacturer? › Infineon Employees Dr. Matthias Wegscheider & Dr. Katharina Schragl was talking about the interesting job of chemists and physicists

› in collaboration with Jungchemiker Wien

Vom alumni club der TU Wien

› Informationen zur Innovationsfabrik und aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

› Einblicke in den Reinraum – Industrie 4.0 hautnah erleben

› Expertentalk zu Unternehmensbereichen

› Kontakte zu TOP-Expertinnen und Experten von Infineon knüpfen

› Einen potenziellen Arbeitgeber der Industrie kennenlernen und einen Job finden

Workshop with Prof. Schlund and Christina Schmidbauer, TU Wien, Institute of Management Science, about instructing a collaborative robot with a theortical part about basics of robot programming, challenges in robotics, technical limitations an a practical part including a competition

Live streams of Infineon WinterSchool 2019 with its topic Chip Fab of the Future wich took place with the motto “Be part of it!” from February 25 to March 1, 2019

With lectures about:

  • Design and Functions of a Semiconductor Wafer Fab
  • Development of Products along the whole Value Chain
  • Design for Manufacturing – Ensure Automotive Design Package Quality
  • The Role of a Unit Process Engineer in Front End Production
  • Advanced Process Control
  • The Evolution of Machine Learning Systems

by Prof Thurner Technical University of Vienna

Complexity Science: From Data to Knowledge

  • How does society work?
  • How to make financial systems safer?
  • How to rethink medicine?
  • Project with Infineon

Warum Chips auch MINT-StudentInnen schmecken

› Triff Rafael Janski (TUtheTOP-Absolvent, PhD der techn. Chemie und nun Senior

Development Engineer), unsere Recruiterinnen und unseren Betriebsrat zu einem

persönlichen Erfahrungsaustausch bei Café und Croissants.


On 16.10.2018 the Infineon Hub at TU Wien in Paniglgasse has opened with the motto connect.create.challenge.

It is a room where Infineon PhDs,Master degree students and Partners of TU Wien can find a space for (net-)working.

Also there are a lot of events for students and makers to get in touch with Infineon.