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Connect. Create. Challenge.

Ihub – Infineon Hub @ TU Wien

Connect. Create. Challenge.

The Infineon Hub at TU Wien (University of Technology) is an event location and a networking area. We organize various events, but we are also offering our location to everyone who is in need of an affordable and representative space (free of charge). The hub can be used to work on projects, study for university or present, pitch and forge your ideas.

The hub connects Infineon Austria with tech experts, students and graduates as well as young professionals and science specialists in the Austrian capital.

Come and join us any time to connect, create and challenge. See you at the Infineon Hub!

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Events and Free Working Space

New Semester. New Options. New Challenges.


It`s a new semester with new options and new challenges. The Infineon Hub is constantly working on events and interesting formats for all people (especially students) who are interested in technology. Therefore you can:

  •  join our events
  •  use the hub as free working space on every Tuesday
  •  book our representative location for your event.

For more information about current events click yourself through the colored boxes below or go to events @Infineon Hub

Skillsharing course: Necademy - Negotiator workshop // 22 September 2021 // 16:30

Want to learn new skills that help you move to the next level? Join us and become a better you!

Electronic Pulse - Startup Success Stories // coming soon September 2021 //

Connecting to innovative minds of our industry and hearing about startup success stories

Skillsharing courses: LaTeX basic & advanced // 12 & 19 October 2021 //

Learn the basics of LaTeX or dive even deeper into using LaTeX at our advanced course

Wenn die Chemie stimmt - Molekularkochkurs // 11 November 2021 //

Lerne unsere Experten von Infineon kennen und tauche in die faszinierende Welt der molekularen Küche ein. Es wird experimentiert, ausprobiert und die Chemie diskutiert.

About Infineon Hub

Are you searching for a place where you can study for university, work on projects with colleagues or connect with tech experts? – Then, you have come to the right place.

The Infineon Hub at TU Wien is part of Infineon Technologies Austria AG, a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener. Since October 2018 we have given technically oriented talents the unique opportunity to connect, create and challenge at the hub.

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