HighTec offerings for new AURIX™ TC4x families:

  • New C/ C++ Compiler tools based on modern, innovative LLVM open-source technology
  • Proven and established safety solutions

LLVM open-source technology

LLVM is currently one of the most innovative and efficient compiler technologies supported by a large community and the biggest players in the IT world.  Major benefits are:

  • Native C++ support with outstanding performance
  • Best in class build times, code density and execution time
  • Windows and Linux Host OS supported
  • Commercial friendly license terms

New C/C++ compiler for TC4x

HighTec develops new compiler tools for AURIX™ TC4x based on LLVM technologies utilizing the new innovative features for TriCore such as faster build systems.

LLVM allows more efficient optimizations towards the TriCore ISA and embedded multicore support. Optimized standard C/C++ runtime libraries are fully optimized for TriCore and come with independent flexible licenses terms.

Currently, version v5.3 is available for AURIX™ TC49x, an evaluation version can be downloaded *).

Reuse of existing AURIX™ TC3xx or AURIX™ TC2xx code developed with the HighTec GNU-based compilers is supported.

Besides TriCore also other sub-processors for Crypto, or GTM are supported.  HighTec also works on a solution for PPU based on the LLVM compiler technology fitting excellently with the LLVM  C/C++ compiler for TriCore™.

 All Compiler tools are integrated in the  AURIX™ TC4x Development Platform IDE with a build-in content manager that allows fast and easy access to BSPs, examples, and libraries.

HighTec has a release roadmap in place with regular upcoming new rereleases and silicon tested full productive released by November this year.

Proven and established safety solutions

HighTec plans to provide for AURIX™ TC4x a similar safety concept as for AURIX™ TC3xx but with improvements related to new HW features.  HighTec offers a Tool Qualification kit (Q-kit) for flexible safety qualification of the compiler tools according to ISO26262 ASIL-D and IEC 61508 SIL3.

With PXROS-HR HighTec provides an ASIL-D certified RTOS solution for dynamic multicore applications with high demands on functional safety. The respective PXROS-HR development forAURIX™  TC4xx support has been started and will be utilizing the new AURIX™ TC4x features such as Hypervisor with enhanced MPU and new flexible startup concept to achieve even better isolation and separation of SW objects.

A first AURIX™  TC4x release is planned along with the first silicon of the AURIX™ TC49x