Functional Safety

ISO 26262 - Functional Safety (FuSa)

Dependable electronics based on Functional Safety

Automotive Functional Safety - we ease the process for integrating safety features with our safety guidelines and services.

Infineon provides dependable electronics to support today’s safety-relevant systems and future fail-operational systems as essential components that allows customers fulfilling their safety requirements on application level. Highly integrated systems equipped with safe electronic semiconductors are essential for key application areas like connectivity, electromobility and higher levels of automated driving. The ISO 26262 set of standards sets out requirements and guidance for products in order to be integrated in an automotive safety applications.

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With our holistic approach towards functional safety, Infineon is responding to the increased complexity and strict requirements that make functional safety projects costly and time-consuming. We provide the necessary products, including documentation and supporting information, for easing the integration and reduce the effort at system integrator level.


Benefit from:

  • Innovative solutions for automotive safety-related applications
  • Improve time-to-market through comprehensive safety documentation of ISO 26262-compliant products
  • Reduce the integrator’s efforts with ISO 26262-compliant and -ready products
  • Broad portfolio of ISO 26262-compliant products already available
  • Newly developed automotive parts will primarily be part of an ISO 26262-compliant development flow

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Safety conformity levels

PRO-SIL™ ISO 26262-compliant devices meet all relevant requirements for semiconductors as defined in the ISO 26262 series of standards for automotive functional safety.

The PRO-SIL™ ISO 26262-ready marking designates QM devices that can be integrated into a safety-related application by customer usage of the ISO 26262:2018 clause 8-13 class II hardware evaluation.

The Infineon automotive Ensured Compliance process framework has been certified by SGS-TÜV Saar for process compliance with ISO 26262:2018 as of April 2022. This certification underpins our focus on automotive functional safety.

PRO-SIL™ ISO 26262-compliant devices meet all relevant requirements for semiconductors as defined in the ISO 26262 series of standards for automotive functional safety. These devices have been developed according to a project-specific safety plan, following the Infineon V–model development lifecycle which encompasses all activities and relevant work products required under ISO 26262.

A safety manual is provided to customers for PRO-SIL™ ISO 26262-compliant devices. This manual includes all safety-related technical details which are needed for correct integration into safety-related applications such as safety requirements fulfilled by the device, mandatory integration measures (AoU – Assumptions of Use), and results of safety analysis that has been performed. An optional FMEDA may be delivered in agreement with Infineon.

Infineon use an independent functional safety management organization to support the internal PRO-SIL™ ISO 26262-compliant lifecycle and to assess whether all objectives defined by the ISO 26262 standard have been reached and are supported by sufficient evidence. A safety case report may be delivered in agreement with Infineon for compliance argumentation in relation to customer applications.

The PRO-SIL™ ISO 26262-ready marking designates QM products that can – with additional analysis and evaluation support from Infineon – be integrated into a customer’s ISO 26262 compliant, safety-related application, even though they have not been designed or developed according to the ISO 26262 standards.

The requirements specified in ISO 26262:2018 clauses 8-13 and 8-14 may be applied by customers to ensure that the device’s functional behavior is adequate to meet the allocated safety requirements for the application level. In general, PRO-SIL™ ISO 26262-ready parts support ISO 26262:2018 clause 8-13 class II hardware evaluation.

Infineon provides a Safety Application Note (SAN) for PRO-SIL™ ISO 26262-ready devices that is designed to aid the customer through the evaluation process. This important document also contains valuable information to support the integration of the component into the customer’s safety-related system. Although it remains the customer’s responsibility to evaluate whether the product details are suitable and sufficient to support the integration within an ISO 26262 compliant system, the information provided in the SAN will significantly reduce the required effort.

Infineon’s PRO-SIL™ brand was established in 2007 to address the emerging need for functional safety semiconductors in automotive applications. Now, the PRO-SIL™ brand is a designator for Infineon’s automotive safety-related products.

PRO-SIL™ products do not carry any further classification. Essentially, these are QM products (not ISO 26262 compliant) that may support a safety use case. They have undergone specific assessments at Infineon for customer use in safety-related applications and, as a result, additional data (such as FIT rates/optional failure distribution) along with data sheets and application notes have been determined and made available for customer use. The supporting documentation and information allow for efficient integration into ISO 26262-classified applications according to ISO 26262-8:2018 clause 13 class I hardware elements.

Infineon’s QM products are the basis of all Infineon automotive safety classified products. QM products do not carry any further classification (such as the ASIL levels applied to ISO 26262-classified products), but they are developed according to Infineon’s standardized internal research and development processes.

All products fulfil the highest quality standards for automotive applications and are qualified according to AEC Q10x.

Infineon automotive quality stands for high reliability and robust designs beyond the industry standard.

Infineon’s automotive product classification

                             Product Classification vs Standard Conformity

Product classification

Conformity to IATF 16949

(Infineon Development Process)

Conformity to ISO 26262 Standard

ISO 26262

Clause 8-13
Class I possible

ISO 26262

Clause 8-13
Class II possible

ISO 26262

Clause 8-14 possible

QM products



Customer specific


PRO-SIL™ products





ISO 26262-ready





ISO 26262-compliant