Functional Safety

ISO 26262 - Functional Safety (FuSa)

Dependable electronics based on Functional Safety

The transformation in the automotive industry is being driven by megatrends such as automated driving and connectivity, all of which increases the need for safe electronic systems. These systems require highly integrated and safe electronic semiconductors. Today’s standard for safe automated and safe autonomous systems is the ISO 26262 that is already implemented in the Infineon automotive products and well-established in the company’s development processes and all product support activities.

Infineon is actively monitoring the trends in the automotive industry. We provide components and chipsets as well as system knowledge to support all safety-relevant automotive systems. Our broad product portfolio addresses a wide range of functionalities with sensors, computing and actuating chips complemented by power supply chips and communication ICs. For easy integration and minimum effort at the system integrator level, Infineon provides all of the necessary supporting information and documentation, as well as support from our team of experts. The required conformity evidence to ISO 26262 series of standards is available for all Infineon automotive safety products.

Functional safety is an inherent part of the proprietary development processes in Infineon. All products with assigned ASIL-classified safety requirements are subject to appropriate internal audits, assessments, and confirmations. With that, we ensure that these components fulfill the requirements for ISO 26262-compliant and ISO 26262-ready classifications – both are recognizable by our PRO-SIL™ trademark. With regard to ISO 26262-compliance, PRO-SIL™ indicates that assigned product safety requirements are fulfilled and conform to the ISO 26262 series of standards. With regard to ISO 26262-readyness, PRO-SIL™ indicates that the integrator gets the necessary information to integrate a non-ISO 26262 developed part into his safe system according to ISO 26262 clause 8-13.

All ISO 26262-compliant and ISO 26262-ready parts are produced according to Infineon’s comprehensive automotive quality processes, resulting in the highest-possible product reliability. With our passion for quality and by taking a holistic functional safety approach, Infineon provides dependable electronics to support today’s safety-relevant systems and future fail-operational systems essential for highly automated and autonomous driving.