XDP™ technology

Power conversion goes digital

XDP™ facilitates the development and implementation of high performance products with unique features by superior digital control algorithms and a broad flexibility of parameters to optimize the IC for the specific application use case. The digital design of the IC family supports a wide set of use cases for state-of-the-art technology. Easy-to-use development tools simplify the design-in of XDP™ products greatly.

Key benefits of XDP™ digital power

  • Advanced functionality to master challenges of modern power supply design
  • Digital algorithms realize high power efficiency and minimal stand-by power
  • Digital parameter configuration increases flexibility and saves development effort
  • Fast design cycle reduces time to market and improves competitiveness
  • Optimized BoM saves system cost and boosts the flexibility

Your advantage

  • More flexibility through digital approach
  • Simplify the management of product variation
  • Shorten development cycles down by 70%
  • Offer room for customer innovation and own IP
  • Advanced energy efficiency
  • Reduced system cost and BOM

The value added

The requirements of modern LED driver can be implemented more easily and faster with XDP™ digital power.

XDP™ digital power for LED and SMPS

Simplify innovation


Infineon’s XDP™ digital power enables higher energy efficiency, shorter development cycles, lower cost and more flexibility.

Interview with Andreas Urschitz


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