XDP™ digital power

Simplify innovation

Power supply development migrates from analog to digital design, to achieve smaller form factors and higher efficiency. Infineon is introducing XDP™ digital power to simplify your innovations. The new digital IC family is the first all-in-one  package solution that integrates a digital power controller with key peripherals.

New XDP™ IDP2303, IDP2303A digital multi-mode PFC and LLC combo controllers for SMPS

Key benefits of a digital switched mode power supply

  • Technical enhancement and cost saving go hand-in-hand
  • Firmware gives flexibility over fixed analog design
  • Cost saving and faster time to market increase competitiveness

Your advantage

  • More flexibility through digital approach
  • Simplify the management of product variation
  • Shorten development cycles down by 70%
  • Offer room for customer innovation and own IP
  • Advanced energy efficiency
  • Reduced system cost and BOM

The value added

For lighting market customers .dp helps to cope with the paradigm shift of LED requirements and to solve actual lighting challenges.

For power supply customers in the mid-performance sector XDP™ helps to comply with energy efficiency criteria and provides a much better stand-by management.

XDP™ digital power for LED and SMPS

Simplify innovation


Infineon’s XDP™ digital power enables higher energy efficiency, shorter development cycles, lower cost and more flexibility.

Interview with Andreas Urschitz


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