XMC4800 IoT Amazon FreeRTOS Connectivity kit WiFi

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Infineon Technologies is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable easy and secured use of new generation sensors featuring new AI functionalities provided by AWS through their cloud services. Infineon and AWS are supporting the development of secured cloud connection enabled applications. Combining leading-edge sensors, hardware-based security and Infineon microcontrollers with the technology and services provided by AWS to support customers with the next level of smartness.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution will be available on the XMC4800 family Connectivity kit WiFi, this development platforms that brings edge-computing services to the next level of interaction in customers™ applications, including the WiFi connectivity and ETHERCAT.

The XMC 4800 families, Infineon can offer the a:FreeRTOS solution combined with ETHERCAT  functionality in the same device.

The XMC4800  devices are powered by Cortex ARM M4F microcontrollers they can offer up to six standard CAN and ETHERCAT connectivity, for IoT gateway applications and many other peripherals with the benefit of the Arduino and Click Board compatible form factor.

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XMC4800 IoT Amazon FreeRTOS Connectivity kit WiFi
This connectivity board will allow you to connect the cloud services from AWS using the Amazon FreeRTOS software. With its MCU base board and  WiFi connectivity module, this kit is  bringing to you the complete out-of-the-box experience.
The base kit is a XMC4800  Relax kit with Arduino and Click Board (Mikrolectronica) compatible form factor. The XMC4800 series, Infineon can offer the a:FreeRTOS solution combined with ETHERCAT functionality in the same device. These XMC4800  devices are powered by Cortex ARM M4F microcontrollers. They also offer up to six standard CAN and ETHERCAT  connectivity, for IoT gateway applications, plus many other peripherals.
The kit include the WiFi is based on the WiFi ESP click module from MikroElektronika connected to the mikroBUS™. As a plus you have the EtherCAT® communication for Industry 4.0 applications.
Summary of Features:
XMC4800-F100X2048 Microcontroller
  • ARM® Cortex®-M4 CPU 144MHz
  • 2 MB of Flash
  • 353 kByte RAM
  • 100 pin package
  • EtherCAT® connectivity
  • On-board debugger

WiFi Click Board Module

  • MikroElektronika WiFi ESP click (MIKROE-2542) – ESP-WROOM-02 module with ESP8266EX devices

Infineon is supporting Amazon FreeRTOS integration, with a microcontroller operating system that simplifies development and maintenance of microcontroller-based edge devices.
This includes:

  • Infineon XMC4000™ family of 32-bit-microcontrollers Cortex M4F supporting multiple new options of edge-computing based applications for consumer and industrial markets are enabled
  • With the industry-leading sensor technology, Radar, pressure and Magnetics sensors and MEMS microphones: people living in smart homes and working in smart buildings can benefit from the seamless interaction of the new generation XENSIV™ sensors
  • Key success factors for the IoT comprise security hardware-based solutions, the OPTIGA™ family of products is easy to integrate and offers the most advanced form of protection for connecting devices to AWS cloud services.
Infineon and a:FreeRTOS integration enabled solutions in energy, light management, health care and building operation improve quality of life and deliver substantial cost savings. These can range from mere motion detection up to situational awareness, by leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms.