Infineon power solutions for Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP

  • Featuring IRPS5401 5-output PMIC
  • Compact design for complete Cyclone® 10 LP including integrated sequencing
  • Scalable power for the complete Cyclone® 10 LP family from CL00 to CL120
  • Includes schematic, BOM, layout and configuration files
  • Use with PowIRCenter GUI design tool

Power macro

(Click link to see example layout)

Family / part # Files
Cyclone LP CL40 to CL120


CL40 to CL120

Cyclone LP CL00 to CL25


CL00 to CL25

Cyclone 10CL016 dense option 1


Dense option 1

Cyclone 10CL016 dense option 2


Dense option 2