LED lighting

Semiconductors for energy-efficient and smart lighting applications

With its high potential for energy savings and long lifetime, LED lighting is now the top choice for the majority of lighting applications. Moreover, it’s becoming smarter and more human-centric. Some companies are even going above and beyond human-centric lighting by using the omnipresent lighting infrastructure for other services. Here, sensors can be deployed to gather information for the Internet of Things. This puts the field of lighting in a good position to take on an essential role in smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities of the future.

Infineon meets today’s lighting needs

Our focus at Infineon lies on supplying tailored LED driver ICs, MOSFETs and sensors for commercial lighting and automotive lighting applications. In our portfolio of high-quality, energy-efficient products and solutions, you’ll find LED driver ICs and MOSFETs suited for LED drivers as well as sensors and hardware for secure communication. In addition to offering you products of proven quality, a highly competent global lighting team, in collaboration with channel partners, optimally supports you in designing LED lighting products and systems.

Whatever your specific lighting application – LED drivers, LED strips and multichannel LED applications, LED lamps, lighting control, or automotive LED lighting – Infineon provides the best-fit solution. Browse your application of interest to learn more.

Overview lighting system diagram

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