Infineon Introduces 30V MOSFETs with 180A Current Capacity and Best-in-Class On-Resistance of less than 1 Milliohm for Automotive Applications

Jul 26, 2010 | Market News

Neubiberg, Germany – July 26, 2010 – Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) today introduced a 30V Power MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) with the world’s lowest R DS(on) for high current automotive applications. The new OptiMOS™-T2 30V MOSFET is a N-channel device with drain current of 180A and R DS(on) of just 0.9mΩ at 10V gate-to-source voltage. The IPB180N03S4L-H0, which comes in a D2PAK-7 package, addresses customer needs for Power MOSFETs in standard packages offering both high nominal currents and lowest R DS(on) at lowest cost.

Based on the second generation of Infineon’s powerful trench technology for power MOSFETs, the OptiMOS-T2 device is ideal for high-current automotive motor drive applications, electric power steering (EPS) and especially start/stop functionality.

For cost and efficiency reasons there is a clear industry trend towards trench concepts. Power MOSFET trench technologies, such as OptiMOS-T2, exhibit significant improvement in both R DS(on) and gate charge compared to previous technology. This results in a Figure of Merit (FoM), which is the product of gate charge and R DS(on), that is among the industry’s lowest. In addition, the innovative high-current “ Powerbond” technology from Infineon addresses the wirebond limitations in a MOSFET, reducing the R DS(on) drop of the wirebond and increasing the current capability. This also enhances reliability by keeping the wirebonds cooler. The latest Powerbond technology enables up to four double-stitch 500µm wirebonds in a single MOSFET which permits 180A current rating in a standard package.

OptiMOS-T2 technologies and the robust packages are designed to sustain 260 °C during reflow soldering at MSL1 (Moisture Level 1) and have lead-free plating for RoHS compliance. The IPB180N03S4L-H0 power MOSFET is fully qualified according to the specifications of Automotive Electronics Council (AEC-Q101). Infineon’s advanced trench technology provides low gate charge, low capacitance, low switching losses and excellent FoM to deliver a new peak in electrical motor efficiency while minimizing EMC emissions. In addition, optimized gate charge enables smaller driver output stages.

The IPB180N03S4L-H0 addresses high-current applications (over 500A) where the operation of many MOSFETs in parallel is required. As the IPB180N03S4L-H0 provides 180A nominal current it allows the reduction of the required number of parallel MOSFETs by one for high current systems to optimize current sharing, thermal behavior and costs. As automotive electric motors move to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control to increase efficiency, OptiMOS-T2 30V products can also provide battery protection through reverse connection.

“Infineon provides a broad portfolio of best-in-class automotive MOSFETs based on its OptiMOS-T2 trench technology offering superior performance and excellent quality in robust packages,” said Dr. Torsten Blanke, Product Marketing Director, Standard Automotive Power at Infineon Technologies. “Introducing the new 30V OptiMOS-T2 device with 180A nominal current Infineon again sets the benchmark for highest current capabilities in standard packages and lowest R DS(on) in trench technologies.”


The 30V IPB180N03S4L-H0 device with 180A drain current and a R DS(on) of only 0.9mΩ is released for volume production. In addition, Infineon offers a variant with 30V/180A (IPB180N03S4L-01) providing a R DS(on) of 1.05mΩ at 10V gate-to-source voltage for very cost critical applications. Both high-power MOSFETs are available in standard D 2PAK-7 package.

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  • Infineon's OptiMOS™-T2 30V MOSFETs are ideal for use in high-current automotive motor drive applications, electric power steering (EPS) and start/stop functionality.
    Infineon's OptiMOS™-T2 30V MOSFETs are ideal for use in high-current automotive motor drive applications, electric power steering (EPS) and start/stop functionality.

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