Security and privacy

In an increasingly digital world filled with connected devices, device security is key to protecting user privacy and stopping hackers. To address this growing need for secure devices, Infineon delivers hardware-based security to protect data from the end device to the cloud.

Secure elements and microcontrollers

More and more security breaches are the result of devices that have been compromised. Infineon protects device integrity with logical and physical security measures. The security portfolio includes OPTIGA™ secure elements and PSoC™ secure microcontrollers. The PSoC™ 64 Secure Boot Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit is a low-cost hardware platform that enables you to easily design and debug your IoT application with PSoC™ 64 "Secure Boot" MCU and the Murata 1DX Module.

Secure device management

Authentication plays a key role for IoT security, but end-to-end authentication for all your IoT devices can be a challenge. Our IoT Security Development Kit lets you test out security use cases such as IP protection, crypto offloading, and secured firmware updates. The kit demonstrates secured cloud communication with crypto support from OPTIGA™ Trust M and secured zero-touch cloud provisioning using CIRRENT™ Cloud ID with a pre-provisioned X.509 certificate.

Accessory authentication

Counterfeit products can ruin device functionality and user experience, in some cases even leading to safety issues. By giving accessories like filters, cartridges, and batteries a secured and unique ID, Infineon’s OPTIGA™ Authenticate product family lets you verify their authenticity so users can trust them. At the Embedded World 2022 Tech Talk we presented a device authentication demo with Infineon's vizualization kit to show how easy it can be to integrate security.

Solutions for current and future payment needs

Infineon’s SECORA™ Pay lets you add contactless payment functionality to almost anything from contact cards to smart payment accessories. Along with outstanding transaction speeds and superior performance, SECORA™ Pay secures contactless payments through a range of solutions including: sophisticated Java Card™ technologies, pre-certified payment options, support for wearables, and payment support for major providers like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Automatic device-to-cloud provisioning

For the best security, IoT devices require a unique identifier assigned at the time of manufacturing. Simple approaches like using a list of device IDs or a generic certificate to assign the identity in the factory create a security risk if the list or certificate is compromised. More sophisticated processes require security expertise and expensive setup at each manufacturing facility. CIRRENT™ Cloud ID is a unique approach making device-to-cloud authentication easier, more cost-effective and secure.

Secured product activation with NFC bridge tags

Tiny, ultra-fast and with plenty of memory - Infineon's NFC bridge tags enable secured and contactless connectivity for IoT devices. With a dual NFC-I2C interface NFC bridge tags bridge the device you want to control (the contact-based side) and the phone or reader (the contactless side) to give you easy pairing with ultra-fast data transfer. A minimal tag size lets you equip even small devices with NFC connectivity.

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