As more devices get connected and smarter, a reliable and efficient power source remains a key requirement. From high voltage to battery power, devices need to be effectively manage the power limits and requirements to ensure reliability, performance, and fast time to market. To meet these wide ranging need, Infineon provides a full spectrum of power solutions from USB-C to Qi wireless charging to battery management systems.

Power your next product with USB-C

USB-C is becoming the most common power source for portable electronics. To correctly design a USB-C power source requires in-depth knowledge to handle the software and hardware requirements. With a rich portfolio of USB-C and power delivery products, Infineon provides end-to-end solutions for USB-C Power Delivery. The EZ-PD™ Barrel Connector Replacement (BCR) LITE evaluation kit (more information) is an easy to use, cost effective solution to replace old, incompatible barrel jacks or custom connectors with Infineon’s highly integrated USB Type-C port controller -all with no firmware development and few external components.

Highly efficient and secure wireless charging

With the widespread adoption of the Qi wireless charging standard, there is a growing risk of using unauthorized wireless chargers. Infineon lets you easily build authorized Qi compliant wireless chargers. As your partner for secured authentication according to the Qi wireless charging standard, Infineon makes the Qi certification process easy by handling the entire provisioning process, including the WPC-compliant certificate chain. The Wireless Charging (WLC) MP A11 Power Transmitter (more information) makes development easy by offering a highly efficient and secure wireless charging platform. 

Battery management systems

Battery-powered applications are rapidly growing to now include power tools, service robots, drones, and many others. Along with connectivity and data security, each of these applications needs a robust Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor the battery cells to ensure safe, reliable operation. The BMS lets you charge/discharge and protect against various failures like inrush current, overcurrent, short-circuit, reverse voltage, or overvoltage and undervoltage.

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