Customer Survey

Dear participant of this customer audit / customer visit.
We are constantly driving continuous improvement in all areas, including meeting efficiency and effectiveness.
Therefore, we would like to ask you for your feedback according to following rating system:

1 = excellent experience / benchmark / best-in-class / expectations greatly exceeded
2 = very good / better than average experience
3 = slightly better than average experience / expectations mostly satisfied
4 = slightly below average experience / some room for improvement
5 = poor experience / customer expectations not fulfilled in many aspects
6 = inadequate / very bad experience / unsatisfactory / expectations not met at all
7 = not applicable


All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Turnaround time between your initial request and Infineon’s available time slot (duration between customer’s request and today’s meeting)?

Quality of preparations, e.g. agenda, topics, date, location, travel details like route descriptions, hotel-, flight-, transfer information?

Communication & response time during preparation phase between Infineon and customer?


Questions related to the meeting day(s):


Fulfillment of customer expectations about agenda, topics and contents e.g. agenda with clear topics, and understandable structure?

Content of the presentation was understandable, e.g. explanations are comprehensive and PowerPoint slides are clear and understandable?

Competence & appearance of presenting team in meeting room (and linetour), e.g. professional, polite, level of expertise and (technical) know-how?

Atmosphere during the meeting, e.g. welcoming, friendliness, constructive discussion, openness, customer-orientation?

Time management, e.g. compliance to schedule & time slots, enough time for presentations, questions & discussion, time keeping management, enough brakes.

Infrastructure and environment, e.g. suitable meeting room, overall appearance of location, cleanliness, IT equipment, air-conditioning?

Catering, e.g. taste, quality, choice & selection of food and beverages?

Linetour experience, e.g. satisfaction with cleanroom tour, cleanliness, condition and appearance of shop floor?

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.